One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


16. s i x t e e n

~Jennifer's POV~


Eleanor never returned after her drunken episode three days earlier; she wasn't allowed to return. She unveiled all the secrets for the past month to the paparazzi all the while being intoxicated which who knows how many drinks. We knew this because once Niall and Harry wanted to leave, we were bombarded by the photographers with flashing lights and stupid questions:

"Is it true, what Eleanor said?" A bottled-blonde bimbo shoved a microphone into my face, but I kept my lips sealed.

I just wanted to scream in her face, 'It was true, but you're going to write something about me anyways so why don't I tell you?' But I didn't because I couldnt. And Modest! would never allow me to do such a thing the boys' images.

One person took my lingering silence as a yes, which they weren't wrong but they didn't know that completely, "So are assumptions were right; you are whoring around with the rest of One Direction?"

My mind was screaming with the worst possible things to say to people like, 'I bet you're whoring around with your boss just so you could be stationed to go wherever One Direction go!' 

"Do the other boys know what you're up to?" I wanted to punch this slime-ball in the face once he said this. Of course they fucking know; they all found out about it at the same time!

I opened my mouth to retaliate to other, les important, sayings about me, but my voice was silenced before I even spoke.

"Like I said before, leave Jennifer alone!" Harry scolded the bloodhound-like people. They backed away from Harry's angry gaze, but continued to snap photographs like the little shutterbugs they are.

Harry stood up for me like a protective older brother and I still hadn't thanked him for that, I'll need to next time he checks up on me in this blazed room. I wasn't allowed to leave the premises after that night, so Niall and Harry thought it would've been good for me to hide from the paparazzi and their rude comments.

Neither of them will let me see Louis, not that Louis wanted to see me, but I wanted to tell him that it wasn't my fault that I had a contract with management to stay with Liam. Niall and Harry hadn't let me see Liam either, speaking of which, because Liam was busy trying to clear everything up with their fanbase because of how badly I screwed up; everything that happened was my fault and I couldn't hide from it no matter where I was.

I didn't know what was happening with their fans or anything outside of the room because Harry and Niall took the liberty to sweep my room of any electronics that would have any access to what the media were throwing around. I felt like a prisoner in here; no acces to the outside world and I can't leave my room, which is sort of a make-shift cell.

Disrupting me from my thoights, Niall came in with a to-go bag of McDonalds from down the street, "Breakfast ended when I had arrived and been attacked by some fans. They asked about you, but I wouldn't say anything about that except that it was your business only."

I half-heartedly smiled, "That's okay. The week is almost over and I'll be out of their fandom soon enough." Niall handed me a McDouble and started to munch on his own before he almost chocked trying to talk to me.

"What?! You can't leave us!" He said, mouth no longer full.

I sighed quietly, "The month with Liam is almost over. The contract ends in three more days. Being couped up in here all day really makes the time go by slow for me,but when you are always out and about, it's twice the speed of light."

"We can't let you leave this room, and we can't let you leave us; not now anyways." Niall's soft blue eyes guilted me into wanting to stay, but I couldn't because needed to fulfill the reason I came here; I had to leave the boys when they least expected it.

I finished my burger as soon as Niall finished his and he left after everything was thrown away and double checked to see if I had any connections with the outside. Once satisfied, he left with kissing my forehead like an older brother and locked me in the room again.

There were upsides to this situation the boys left me in, too. Without my iPhone, which they took from me, I could get a new number and the boys wouldn't be able to track me down and get me back. I didn't have an escape plan because deep down, I just wanted to stay like Niall and Harry wanted me to, but I had to go through with leaving. 

There was only one person who had no choice but to let me go, she's the only one that would understand why I had to go.  The only problem I had was that I had no way to contact her, not that I had her number in my phone anyways, but she can help me without convincing me to stay. I needed Danielle to rescue me from this mess that was my life.

But since I couldn't reach her from anything, I still sat upon the bed with my head facing out the window, where there held a massive group of screaming girls. Fans were shouting for the boys ferociously, knowing very well the boys couldn't hear them no matter how loud they were. Some of them held signs up for the people with windows to see, but it was too far down to even read the miniature font that was scribbled on the posters.

Their voices squeaked as if they hadn't reach puberty yet and I wanted to open the window and yell at them, 'These boys are too old for you, just go home!' Sadly, that would cause them to send even more hate than they already, probably, did. So, yet again, I stayed silent and steady on the bed in the same position I had been in all this time.

It felt like ages before someone had entered the confined space I was held up in. Even though they wouldn't allow it, a tiny part of me hoped it was Louis, but I was disappointed when it was only Harry.

He carefully shut the door behind him before speaking slowly, "I heard you already ate from Niall, so I just camein to check up on y-"

"I want to speak with Danielle." My head snapped up to look him in the eyes, mine burning daggers into his light emerald irises.

His pupils widened, "I - uh - don't think - uh - no." His stammered words only angered me more.

I could convinced him better if I didn't look like I rose from the seventh depth of hell so I softened my features before retaliating to his given answer, "Harry, it wasn't a question; it was a demand. Please let me talk to her."

"No." He stood his ground, but flinched when I took a step off the bed.

"Whether you give me my phone or not, I can get a hold of Danielle through all the fans downstairs who will tweet her. Unless you want that many fans to over power the electricity and shut it off again, I suggest you give me my phone."

He didn't hesitate after that, but rather reached into the deep of his jeans pocket and pulled his own cell phone out with his long fingers. He reluctantly handed it to me as I searched through his contacts in search for Danielle and pressed the call button when her name passed through my thumb. Danielle Peazer.

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