One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


7. s e v e n

~Jennifer's POV~


The day had progressed much faster than I expected. Perrie and I met up with El for lunch and discussed the boys and shared secrets that we learned from our boys. I told them many secrets about Liam when he was younger and all our adventures we shared while they laughed along with all the jokes and shed a tear for all the sickness and loveloss.

We spent a great amount of time at that little bistro just bonding and have a girls time together. They are so loving to me, even though Danielle was like their sister, and they took me in like a dove with a broken wing.

I had just gotten back to the apartment Liam and I shared during this 'deal' with management. Liam didn't tell me what we were doing, so I had texted him to choose my outfit for the night for my appropriate attire for our first official date.

I entered the bedroom and saw my strapless, high-low, deep purple dress sprawled across the bed. Nothing else, no shoes, no accessories. I shrugged and stripped down, threw my worn clothes into the washing machine and changed into the dress.

Underneath the dress, on the bed, was a little black card which read:


Find your shoes where you first met the boys at the beginning of the month. The limo is waiting for you downstairs. Xx

Liam placed my shoes at headquarters? Easy enough to find. But where's the rest of my outfit? Liam Payne, what have you planned.

I went down the elevator patiently, getting dirty looks from people when they saw my bare feet showing. I couldn't help but smile because they have no idea what's going on. Completely clueless, awestruck. I knew that Liam was the kind of guy with special surprises.

When I finally reached the lobby, I saw straight out that there was a long black limousine parked with a lady holding a sign that read 'Jennifer'. When I got closer, I realized that the driver was Perrie wearing a white collared shirt, a black vest, a black skirt, black heels, and white gloves

"I'm here to drive you to headquarters!" Perrie squealed, threw the sign, and escorted me into the limo.

Everytime I look up, Perrie is smiling wide at me with her big and round eyes, making me curious, "So uh, do you know what Liam's doing?" It's not bad to ask...

"We all know the date, but we aren't allowed to tell. It's so perfect. At every single destination, you will find the next article of clothing, another black card with a different location, and receive a new driver. That's all I can reveal." Perrie stopped the limo in front of the headquarters and El opened the door for me, wearing the same getup as Perrie.

"Go retrieve the shoes and note, then come back to the limo. I'll be waiting right here for you!" El yelled as I ran across the pavement.

I turned an immediate left when I entered the building, following down the hall, trying to remember the room by memory. Then found it on the right side of the hallway, the only door open in the corridor. On the glass coffee table were my black pumps and a little black card like the other:


Find your earrings from the entryway of our apartment. Sorry for the backtrack. Xx

I sighed, putting on my shoes and stood back up. I was wobbling in my heels because I was in a rush to get them on. I returned to El with an exhausted look upon my face.

She gave an effortless grin, "He said sorry at least." El patted my shoulders and helped me into the back seat.

"Another ten minutes spent going back to the flat, how great." I laughed.

El smiled, "He's going through a pattern, you know."

My eyebrows creased, "What pattern?"

"He's making you go to all the places you've been in order from when you first came to earlier today." She swooned, "He's been planing this since you've first arrived for management likes, but then it became real this morning." El winked at me.

"Oh." That was the only word that left my mouth. I was literally speechless for once in my life. As an actress, I have many things to say, but Liam was just too cute to be real. I spent the rest of the way in silence, thinking of Liam's consideration about the date.

"Well, this is our stop!" El gleefully yelled, snapping me out of my day dreams.This time, Harry opened my door and held open his hand to help me out.

"I'll be waiting for you in the limo. Take your time for your accessories, mi'lady." Harry chuckled and took El's place in the driver's seat.

I reentered the huge lobby filled with people on a business trip and made my way to the elevators again. I pressed the up arrow and it opened instantly, with me being the first one to get into the elevator and press the top floor's button. Fifteen seconds passed by the time I reached the floor to access the penthouse flat. I looked on the sofa table to find my mother's diamond earrings and, yet, another black note:


Your necklace is close by. Remember the cafe we went to after jogging? How about the table we sat at? Xx

I smiled, recalling the first place Liam took her in public. All of that day was perfect, besides the paparazzi yelling at us and the light flashing in my eyes. I held the note in my hand and got back to the limo, placing it with the other two cards.

"He really likes you." Harry spoke up after a couple minutes of awkward quiet.

"I know. I love him too." My eyes crinkled as I giggled.

Harry protested, "No, I mean Louis, he really likes you. He never stops talking about you, ever. Doesn't matter if it's old memories or something that happened an hour ago." Harry looked at me through the rear-view mirror and we both grinned wide.

"Oh..." I trailed off as the limo reached the outside of the cafe, with Niall opening up the backdoor for me and helping me out.

"It'll only take me a second, Niall!" I shouted as I got to the correct table with an amethyst necklace placed out, and a black note:


Your shawl awaits at the first club you've ever been at. Niall knows where to take you, so don't worry on directions. Xx

I climbed back into the limo for the millionth time and set the new note with the others. Niall hit the pedal and was almost speeding to the club. He had music blasting through the speakers and wouldn't talk, just drive as fast as he could. How could this boy have a license?

We were at the club in a matter of minutes from Niall's driving. I was met there by Zayn, who took Niall's spot without a word. I opened the double doors to the inside of the building and found a pearly white shawl on the bar next to the fifth black note:


Third to last note! I'm so excited for our actual date. Your bag is at the arena you first saw us preform at! Xx

My bag was at the O2 Arena in London, a couple blocks from this point. Another short, joyous ride to another 'surprise' location. Liam Payne is full of wonders, but when do I actually get to spend time with him? Thinking too much mad me frown, so I shrugged it off, place the shawl around my shoulders, and returned to Zayn in the limo.

Unlike the ride with Niall, it was completely silent and smooth; peaceful bliss to calm my oncoming headache. I looked towards the dash and saw that it was merely turning nine at night. I stared out the window for quite a while before we approached Louis standing in front of the O2 Arena. Louis, being the stubborn ass he is, decided not to open the door for me.

"Stay here." Zayn whispered as he got out of the driver's seat to converse with Louis. I heard yelling while I stayed put and saw Louis and Zayn having an argument. I tried not to listen to it, but I would accidentally catch bits and pieces of the discussion.

"You didn't even place the object? What'd you do with the letter, throw it away?" Zayn's eyes would've burst into flames if looks could kill.

Louis scoffed, "It's stupid. I don't even know why someone would make a scavenger hunt as a date!"

"It's Liam's thing to be creative with this stuff! What's your problem?" 

"Nothing, I'll just give her the stupid bag!" Louis huffed and got into the driver's seat. Without saying a word to me, he chucked a black purse to my lap.

I picked it up ad opened it to find the note:


The girls called and told me that you left your phone on the table where you had lunch. Better go find it for the last note. Xx

How could I forget about my phone! I mentally slapped myself for the foolishness. Liam probably thinks its funny, while I'm about to burst into flames for being stupid.

Good thing the bistro was by the mall, which is near the O2 Arena, otherwise I'd literally be stressing out to the point where my headache would fill with excruciating pain.

"Go to the mall entrance. It's where my next stop is." Louis nodded at my words, not looking at me.

The ride was shorter than the rest, making me wonder why I would've needed a driver. The car stopped at the point of being; I tried to open my door, knowing Louis wouldn't do it for me, but it was locked.

"Could you unlock it, please?" I pleaded him with puppy dog eyes.

He wouldn't look at me, "Answer this question: Do you love him?"

"What? Louis, you already know that answer."

He shook his head, "Just because I have a girlfriend doesn't mean I love her; so no, I don't know the answer." He chocked back a cry.

"Yes, I love Liam." I said calmly and noticed a tear escape his eyes as he hit the unlock button. I pushed open the door and basically ran to the bistro to pick up my phone. It was faced down on the table by the gate with a note lying underneath it:


Turn around. Xx

So I did as the note read, and saw a little table set up across the street at a small park with Liam standing in a suit with a bouquet of Purple Tulips.

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