One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


17. s e v e n t e e n

~Jennifer's POV~


"Why was I called here?" The long, and slim, woman stood before me with her hands on her hip and a sneer on her face.

I felt awkward around her, being a fake girlfriend for Liam just so he could get over her and all, but also that she looked very intimidating with her thin eyebrows furrowed together and dark lips pressed in a stright line. My mouth was moving, but no words were falling out; I couldn't make a sound because of how afraid of her that I was.

"I don't mean to come off as rude, or anything, but I was in the middle of something really important and I might have to go back like right now." She was growing impatient with each word, I could tell from the tone of her mellow voice growing angrier.

Danielle turned on the heel of her fur-lined boots before I grabbed her arm to stop her, "Liam."

She stopped in her tracks, the name obviously still kept locked in her heart somewhere. I wouldn't blame her, Liam kept a special place in everyone's heart.

She cocked her eyebrows and faced me once again, "Yes, what about him?"

Well,let's see; our entire relationship is fake and he probably would choose you over me any day because you are 100% prettier than me? No, scratch that, I'll go with something simpler.

"He still loves you; I'm just somebody that Modest! hired." Simple enough.

Danielle's soft brown eyes rolled around, stopping in the center and closing her eyelids to regain normal vision, "So? What do you want me to do? I absolutely don't care about him anymore."

I scoffed, leaving her face in disbelief before I spoke once again, "That's a lie if I've ever heard one. If you didn't care, then you would've left the room already."

A smirk played on my lips before she reluctantly sat down on the bed next to me, "What is it that you want?" Her voice was exhausted and upset, as though she didn't want to be here and she needed to be a million miles away from him.

"I need to leave; them, the drama, the paparazzi, the fame. I can't handle it anymore, I never could. You and Liam belong together, while I belong somewhere far away from all this shit and rehearsing for my new movie." My body settled itself dowon the duvet.

She chuckled harshly, "Then why don't you?"

I took in a deep breath, "The stupid month isn't done with, yet if feels like it has been forever since this entire deal started!"

"How do I help you; once you are in a deal with management, you can't get out until it is fulfilled. I'm sorry, but I'm actually glad I don't have to do that anymore." Her voice was like a thousand knives stabbing in my ears, and eerie screech in the middle of the night, on that last sentence.

"You can help, actually. You need to go back out with him; you have to." I lifted myself from the matress and stood in front of the bed.

"No. He'd never say yes and frankly, I wouldn't mind because I don't want to do it."

It was my turn to laugh, slightly because she reminded me of myself at the beginning of the month; oh how it felt so long ago. "That's what I said, too."

"Maybe you should've listened to yourself the first time."

I shook my head, "Maybe I should have," I quietly repeated her words, "but I didn't and I don't regret it. What I do regret, though, is getting too attached too guy who loves somebody else; two of them actually."

She took my words into a deep thought, I guessed, since he had been quiet for sometime. She gazed at me intently, hopefully not trying to find words to talk herself out of going back out with Liam. Her soft brown eyes blinked once before the rest of her features were as emotionless as a cat and spoke, "I'll help you leave."

Her words created so many emotions throughout my body; a smile on my face, a tear in my eye, a flip of my stomach, and a break in my heart, "None of them can know, though." I whispered, loud enough so that Harry, on the other side of the door, couldn't hear me that well.

"No problem." And that was that, I could escape.



"You didn't pack much to come here, did you?" Danielle spoke as she aided me in packing my suitcase.

"No; leaving has been my plan all along, it just took someone as overpowering in his heart as you to complete it." I shrugged, packing up my last outfit and zipping up the purple case silently.

"We would've made good friends if I hadn't broken up with Liam and you were dating any other of the boys, now that I think about it." She laughed, leaving my confused when I stood up, popping my kneecaps in the process.

I cleared my throat before asking, "How so?"

She smiled lightly and shrugged, "Planning ahead, very persuasive, pretty; shall I go on? We are a lot alike, you and I."

My mouth formed and 'o' shape, but made no sound. I thought it through before realizing how farther from wrong she could be. Another similarity she could've added was, 'hurting the ones we love'. I didn't want to hurt them, though; I wanted to stop myself from hurting after what Liam did to me and what I did to Louis. I didn't want to be around them for the next few days, I wanted to leave right this moment.

"I think that's that, then." Danielle interupted the silence with her pure and silky voice, "Now just let me bust you out of here."

I stood on the inside of the open door, where Danielle was creating a diversion to get past Harry. I could barely hear their voices because of how low they were speaking.

"Harry, Jennifer wants you to, uh, eat. Yeah, she's hungry. Couldyou go across the way and get some McDonalds or something?"

"Uh, yeah, okay, no problem." He said slowly, followed by the faint jingle of his car keys in his pocket.

When Danielle shut the door after he left, she reopened it to find a newly empty hallway, "Go quietly to the stairways." She pointed me towards the opposite way of where I heard Harry move towards.

She followed me stealthily down the hallway, turning down the next one, and stopping at the door entitled 'staircase'. The door creaked when we opened it, making the both of us flinch before we moved through the threshold. Thankfully, it didn't creak when we closed it, nor did it slam, making me praise The Lord mentally.

We made it down the first few flights of stairs before we could hear the obnoxious screams from the fans; I assumed they had found Harry and mentally thanked them, aswell. I hadn't realized I was no longer moving until Danielle nudged my shoulder and started to walk past me.

"Come on! They just bought us time and Harry could take a while longer than expected." She instructed, leading me down the rest of the stairs in the muggy room.

"How are we getting to the airport?" Realization hit me when we opened up the door to the back of the hotel.

Danielle tugged on my arm anxiously, dragging me and my bag to a silver camero. In all obviousness, it was her car that she drove here in to meet me in the first place.

"Oh." I mumbled, now feeling stupid.

We both go in and slammed the doors with vigorous force, hoping nobody was paying attention to us, as we looked suspicious while hurrying. With that, we made our way through the, suprisingly, unbusy New York traffic and to JFK airport with ease.

She parked her car in front of the gigantic building illegally, and bought me a one-way ticket to a place called Phoenix, Arizona. We said our goodbyes before she hurried back to her car in the speed of light. I was now on my own.

I waited an hour for the plane to land and taxi to the gate, and then another fifteen minutes to board the plane. I was getting ready as they called to board first class when someone screamed in the midst of everything finally settling down for me.


Just perfect; absolutely wonderful. If they found me, so will the boys soon enough. I had to get away from them, and fast. But the passengers weren't moving fast enough...

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