One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


21. One Month Sequel!!

Yes, it's finally arriving! One Month, mentioned in my author's note, is having a sequel. The sequel finally has a title: Second Chances! Original, right?! Oh well, the title goes with the story line okay?

Anyways, be on the look-out for Second Chances and read it for more drama, details, and better writing than whatever this fanfiction was.

But seriously, it'll be out like today or tomorrow, so, yeah.

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