One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


4. f o u r

~Liam's POV~


I knew that as soon as I woke up that I had another concert at the O2 Arena in London again. I praised the lord that I didn't have to meet the boys in the bus downstairs until four for our evening show. The clock read that it was eleven, enough time in the day to get ready later on in the day.

She was sleeping on the other side of the bed, perfect for my escape. I slipped away from the bed and changed into denim jeans and a t shirt. I styled up my hair, brushed my teeth, and laces up my white converse high tops. I grabbed my wallet off the counter top and unplugged my phone, putting them both in my back pocket so I can leave. Jennifer was still sound asleep on her side of the bed, twitching every then and now and breathing quietly.

I walked out side of my flat and was attacked by screaming fans and photographers. The flashing lights were blinding, so I tried to cover my face while they were snapping photos. As much as this happens, the lads and I would never get used to this feeling. I didn't want the media to get bad photos of me, so i took a couple of quick photos with some fans and headed out.

I got downstairs and walked across the street where there sat the closest McDonald's. I strolled through the front door and it was surprisingly not busy.

"Hello, welcome to McDonald's. How may I help you?" The brunette working the cash register asked. All I had to do was look up and she sucked in her breath. 

"four sausage egg McMuffins and a large sweet tea to go."

"Yeah, it'll be right out. Can you sign this?" She pushed a napkin and a pen towards me. I did what she asked, I'd do anything for my fans, assuming that she is one, "Thank you so much." She smiled. I nodded, paid her and waited for the breakfast so I can go home and surprise Jennifer, or selling my relationship to the press.

I waited for another five minutes before my order was packed and ready for me to take home. I grabbed the bag and Jennifer's sweet tea and headed back to my place. Although they didn't show their faces, I knew there was paparazzi lurking around my building.

When I reached got into my flat, it was still as silent as when I left. I walked to the bedroom and noticed that Jennifer was asleep, but she had moved around quite a bit.

"Jennifer, wake up!" I half whispered and she groaned.

"Why? What time is it?" She walked into the kitchen with me, rubbing her eyes.

"Quarter past noon." I didn't realize a simple task would take more than an hour, "And I brought you food." I placed two sausage egg McMuffins on the table along with her sweet tea.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you, LiLi." She kissed my cheek and sat down in Danielle's chair. Technically, it wasn't really Danielle's chair anymore; Dani was gone and she wasn't going to come back. Although it will remain as Danielle's chair. I shook all thoughts of Danielle from my mind and sat down next to Jennifer.

We watched each other eat and had many staring contests. We laughed about how funny we both looked as we took bites of our McMuffins. I was in the middle of chewing when Jennifer had taken a really bad photo of me and posted it on instagram.

I was tweeting whilst we kept eating and watching the fans go crazy about me tweeting. It took Jennifer and I a long time to eat our breakfast, as the time was a little bit past one; five minutes after to be exact. I logged out of twitter after I promised a follow spree tomorrow, since it was a day off.

"Well, we still have plenty of time before we need to meet the lads and ladies. Wanna do a twitcam with me?" I looked over to Jennifer as she threw our trash away.

"Sure." She smiled and joined me on the couch as I set up my computer to record it.

I shared the link on my twitter and greeted the camera, "Hello, my lovely directioners!" Tweets flooded my video about who Jennifer was or asking for a follow.

"This is my girlfriend, Jennifer." That wasn't as hard to say as I thought.

"Hi guys!" Jennifer waved at the people watching and I read some tweets saying that we should kiss.

"All you fans want us to kiss? That's weird. Very, very weird." I creased my eyebrows and she giggled.

"Well, LiLi and I haven't exactly had our first kiss, yet." She winked to the 86,208 viewers, "But we certainly aren't doing it on purpose. A kiss has to feel magical and be unexpected. So don't get your hopes up."

"Any questions you guys want to ask Jennifer or me?" I read multiple tweets on why I was dating her and she found many very personal, but held herself together.

"Here's a good one. How did we meet; well Jennifer and I have known each other since birth. Our mothers were friends in high school and had planned to have us be best friends. We were, growing up, and then we grew apart once I made it through The X Factor." I didn't feel like telling them about our previous relationship, because they might give her hate and I would never want that on anyone; even if she did cheat on me.

"Well, that's a wrap. I will enjoy seeing everyone at the concert tonight. If you can't make it, I love every single one of you!" Jennifer and I turned off the camera and went to get ready for tonight's evening show.

"We aren't getting a ride until four, why did you cancel the twitcam?" Jennifer was puzzled.

"I read rude things about you and got tired of it. Also, I wanted to do this..." I trailed off and then I kissed her. She acted surprised at first, but slowly shut her eyes and deepened the kiss. We didn't go any further than that one kiss because we needed to get ready for the tour bus to pick us up.

We took separate showers and she dressed up all fancy while I had to get properly dressed when we reach the venue. Jennifer was dressed in a mid length black sparkly dress, black high heels, and very little make up on her face. Her long blonde hair was held in a side braid, draped across her right shoulder.

It was close enough to four by the time we both had taken showers and got dressed for tonight's concert in the same place as yesterday. I had escorted her out of the flat and down the elevator without saying anything to her. We exited the lobby and found the tour bus waiting for us in the same place it was yesterday.

I allowed Jennifer to walk in first and I climbed in afterwards. She went straight towards El and Perrie and I made my way to Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Harry.

"Hi guys." I sat down next to Zayn and Niall went to get food probably.

"Hey LiLi. I saw your guys' twitcam earlier." Zayn snickered.

"Laugh all you want, but I did do something unplanned."

"You kissed her. There's photos all over twitter and girls going on a rampage about it." He lifted his phone up to my face to show me the photo that was clearly taken from my balcony.

"I guess privacy doesn't exist when you're famous." I shook my head.

"Nope; remember the story I told you guys about what happened at Greg's wedding? Zero amount of privacy." Niall chewed on his food.

Since the O2 Arena was in the middle of London, we got there in a short period of time. The ladies stepped off first, followed by the other lads and I was the last one out besides Paul.

"Hey Lou!" The girls went into a big group hug as we entered our dressing room while the boys and I sat in our respected, name titled chairs.

"Okay," Lou clasped her hands, "since we are early, I think I'll have enough time to do all of their make up by myself. So ladies, you may have a seat of the couch." Perrie, Eleanor, and Jennifer had hurried to the couch at the other end of the dressing room and spoke to each other quietly, so no one could hear them.


~Jennifer's POV~


"I heard you guys kissed." Perrie whispered to me as we took a seat.

"How?" I almost yelled, causing the boys to turn their heads to me. I sank back into the couch, embarrassed while Perrie and El giggled.

"It's all over twitter." El showed me the photo of the kiss from her phone, "It was taken from his balcony, apparently."

"Don't check your twitter. There's a lot of fans that disapprove of you and Liam." Perrie gave me a sympathetic look.

I gave her a weak smile. I wanted to know why they took me in as a replacement for Danielle; hearing that Danielle and El were really close. They literally did everything together while the boys were on tour; shopping, eating, swimming, and had an occasional sleepover.

"So Perrie, which one are you dating again?"

She smiled widely and answered without skipping a beat, "Zayn; the one Liam always hangs out with and talks to."

"The one with the black hair?" She nodded, " Which one is yours, El?"

"Oh, Louis!" She squealed, "The one in the seat closest to us." 

"So what had happened between you and Liam in the younger years?" El inquired.

 Perrie pouted, "The entire story, please."

"Where could I start? Our mothers were best friends since they were young and grew up together. They had the both of us around the same time; I'm older than Liam by four days. We grew up being best friends and he was my first crush. I encouraged him to try out for the X Factor in 2008 and when he didn't make it, I had him try again. He did everything that had to do with music for those next two years, so he could improve. In 2010, before his audition, I was accused of cheating and I just let him think I was cheating. That's why his song for auditions was, 'Cry Me a River'. I cried for him when he broke up with me." I started tearing up.

"Think? What really happened?" El urged.

"Well, his friend witnessed me with another kid from school. The kid was drunk and I was just helping him, but he made advances on me that I didn't approve of." I sucked in a deep breath, "So Liam's friend helped me, but went back and told Liam I cheated on him. I didn't want Liam to lose his friend, because he didn't have very many, so I didn't make a correction."

"Wow. That's an upsetting story." Eleanor rubbed my shoulder and wiped my eyes with a tissue.

"Well, let's go watch the boys' performance. They're getting on stage now." I changed the subject to rid myself of the pain. I wanted so badly to tell him the truth, but I didn't want him to think bad of me.

Perrie and El pulled me backstage to watch the boys bounce around on stage. Perrie's heart skips a beat every time Zayn sings and/or does something strange on stage. Same with Eleanor and Louis. They were literally fangirling over them, even though the boys are already theirs. Unlike my expression with Liam; I only stifle a laugh and go back to feeling pain.


~Liam's POV~


The lads and I were all over that stage, we couldn't keep track of each other. I tried finding Niall at one point, but he was on the other side of the stage with Harry while Louis and Zayn were doing their own, separate things. I decided to just stay put and begun to sing my solo at the beginning of 'Live While We're Young'. The concert was almost over and I could just feel the sadness come from the crowd of screaming teenagers.

The song ended a little too short, it seemed like, and we had already been through half of 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

"So c-c'mon, you got it wrong! To prove I'm right, I put it in a so-o-ong!" Zayn sang out and I knew Perrie might've fainted backstage, like she used too when they first started dating.

The concert had ended short for me; what was actually two or three hours felt like thirty minutes. The boys and I were changing into the clothes we had arrived in and the girls were waiting out side the dressing rooms.

"So what do you think the girls were talking about?" Harry smirked and I could just tell what he was thinking about.

"The kiss, Harold! You dirty mind!" Louis slapped his arm and Harry winced.

I laughed, "Guys, it wasn't that big of a deal. It was one kiss." Not that it helped because Harry and Niall were making kissing noises when we were done getting dressed and met the girls outside.

"Do we wanna go back home or have a good night out?" Harry looked at the rest of us as we clambered onto the tour bus.

Louis' face held a mischievous grin, "I have an idea.."

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