One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


14. f o u r t e e n

~Jennifer's POV~


Her voice was like silk, "What's wrong sweetie?" She said, obviously talking to Eleanor, because I really didn't think Danielle would take a liking to me if she were to know who I was. I looked at El, who was still crying in my lap, to see if I could tell Danielle. She nodded her head as a yes.

"Louis broke up with her because of me." I said, as calm as possible, but it just made tears spill over my bottom eyelid even faster.

She gave us a sympathetic look, "He really isn't worth it. Louis is just a kid in his head, thinking he can get away with anything. He's the reason Liam and I had to break up. He kept having Liam make bad decisions."

That isn't a good reason to break-up with somebody, I wanted to scream at her, but I just nodded while she continued. Danielle went on about that night Liam and her broke up and I kept thinking that she was just overreacting. Blood started to boil in my body from all the anger that she had caused me, she had been very unreasonable about that situation.

"If you hadn't reacted that way, Louis and El wouldn't have broken up." The words slipped out a bit more harsh than I expected and she looked taken aback.

She scoffed, "Are you suggesting it's my fault? It all traces back to Louis if you really had listened."

"Louis didn't do anything wrong, actually. If you think about it, like really think, you overreacted way to much on the situation." I stated. She got angrier, making her pretty face scrunch up in disgust, "I have to go." I panicked and made my way from the dressing room to the front of the arena; big mistake.

Paparazzi were everywhere, swarming around the gates and they had spotted me, trying to make and exit.

"Jennifer, over here!"

"Jen, talk about Liam."

"Why are you leaving so suddenly?"

The questions bombarded me from different areas and it felt like the paparazzi were huddling around me while I tried to avoid going through the gate. I backtracked to the other side of the arena, where it was nice and quiet. The boys' tour bus had been parked somewhere around here, and I could probably hide out here to avert everybody else who wants to ruin my night even further.

The driver was settled in his seat, reading his life away in a newspaper about Liam and me. When he saw me approach, he took the liberty to open up the small door to let me in. I thanked him, which then caused him to smile and he revealed wrinkles from his old age.

I took my seat at the back of the bus, so I didn't have to talk or see anyone. It didn't help much because there was still texting ad I couldn't avoid anyone from that; my phone sends the other person the time I opened and read the message. Eleanor, to my surprise, texted me.

Eleanor: She's gone, you can come back now.

Jennifer: Don't think that's a good idea; paparazzi spotted me trying to leave, so I stayed in the tour bus. I don't feel like seeing anyone right now.

Eleanor: I understand.

Jennifer: Sorry.

Eleanor: For which problem?

Jennifer: The Louis situation.

Eleanor: Can we not talk about it; management and paparazzi think we're still together.

After that, I didn't text back. I knew she didn't care what the media said, she was lying to protect her feelings; Eleanor was hurt and I couldn't blame her.

My eyes were about to shut; due to all my crying I was tired, but the driver had started a conversation with me, "Show's only half way done with, why you sitting out here?" His voice was dry and cracked at some of the words.

I shrugged, not knowing if I should tell him or not, "I've just been to one too many shows, it starts to get tiring after a while."

He didn't respond afterwards, or I just didn't hear his comment, so I fell asleep on one of the back seats and trying to get as comfortable as possible. The nap never happened for me, so I sat up straight after ten minutes and played Candy Crush on my phone. I was on level 72, so far. No matter how much I said I hated this game, I still played it because I was good at it and it was a time-waster.

Thirty minutes passed by ever so slowly and everyone had finally met me on the tour bus. They were all excited because tonight was, surprise surprise, a free night. Niall and Harry begged me to stay out and party with them, and even if I said no, they wouldn't take my answer, so I caved in and decided to go to a club with them. I didn't want to be alone with Niall and Harry, so I persuaded Eleanor to stay with me and she agreed. As for the other boys, they didn't want to cause anymore drama than there already was, so they decided to stay back at the hotel room.

The driver, whose name I found out was Mr. Harlan, had dropped all off at the hotel, so we could all freshen up, before driving the rest of us to this new club in the city called "The Big Apple". It might be a cheesy name, but the boys were in New York, after all.

After we smelled clean and felt fresh, we went down to the bus that was settled behind the hotel, and made our way to "The Big Apple". Once again, I felt like this was going to be a long and horrible night. Aren't they all, I laughed to myself, knowing very well that they were.

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