One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


15. f i f t e e n

~Jennifer's POV~


The drive to "The Big Apple" hadn't been far from the hotel, just a couple blocks away, which meant I didn't have enough time to finish another level of Candy Crush. I cursed under my breath, though, as the bus stopped abruptly, making me fly forward and tumble out of my seat. Niall and Harry laughed while El, helped me up so I didn't get stepped on. Now I felt even worse for hurting her because she was so nice and sweet and was trying to not let me get hurt.

Niall and Harry let themselves out before Eleanor and me, in fear of what the paparazzi would throw at us for being with the only two single members of the band and not with our so called "boyfriends". The boys called us out, letting us know that we could exit the bus carefully. Big mistake. The paparazzi had seen the boys and started hollering at us, like they had when they saw me trying to leave the concert an hour before this.

"Eleanor, where's Louis?"

"Jennifer, where's Mr. Payne and Mr. Tomlinson?"

"Word on the street is that Jennifer was caught in the act with Louis, can you confirm that?"

"Suddenly hanging out like your besties after all the rumors?"

The paparazzi tried to shake an answer from a newly teary-eyed Eleanor and almost provoked me to say, "We weren't caught in the act." But that would've meant serious trouble from the entire world. We almost made it to the door before one guy shouted one last thing:

"Done whoring around yet, Jennifer? Or are you just getting started?"

That had really riled me up. Not that the accusations were wrong, but where the hell had they gotten their information from? No one knew about that one night with Louis excepted the five boys, Perrie, El, and me.

Harry noticed that I started to cry a little bit while comforting El to stop her from crying, "What kind of man are you to make a woman cry?!"

There were some 'ooh's' in the crowd, but I knew what they had really thought. They were thinking that Harry was going to be my next guy to hook up with. But before they could ask anything else, Harry and Niall pushed us through the entrance of the club.

Once Eleanor was settled at the bar, ad not crying, Harry explained how this bar was popular for the famous people and that he heard it through some other celebrities in the area over twitter. Looking around, I hadn't recognized anybody on the dance floor and was beginning to wonder if Harry had the right place, but I hadn't put much thought into it before someone approached El and I at the bar when Harry went to look for Niall.

"Hey." He simply said, I really hope he won't be looking for a one night stand.

I smiled, not wanting to be rude, "Hi."

"What's wrong with your friend?" He pointed to Eleanor, who had her head settled in the crook of her elbow on top of the bar.

I rubbed her back before explaining, "Break up." He simply nodded his head, not fazed by the fact that El's sobs continued to increase in volume.

"You could always ditch her, you know." He urged to moved forward in his stool, closer to my ear that necessary.

I scoffed in disbelief, "No, I actually can't." Was this guy serious right now? He was cute, but not that cute for me to ditch Eleanor in her time of need. Plus, my contract still stands with Liam; I'm in an unbreakable, and fake, relationship

"Come on, she'd understand. Wouldn't you, hun?" He asked, leaning over me and towards Eleanor's ear. Her response was more wails from her mouth and tears pouring from her eyes rapidly.

"I think you should leave." I stated, a firm finger pointing in his chest.

His chuckle threw me off guard before he answered me, "Fine, fine." with his hands by his face as if the police had caught him in a criminal's act. He muttered a quick, "Should've got her drunk first." before getting out of the bar stool placed beside me.

Harry returned with Niall shortly after the guy left me alone. Niall hadn't even got one pint inside him before he wandered off in the crowd, which made me extremely concerned to if her drank before we arrived. Harry finally got him to settle down in the seat on the other side of Eleanor.

"Did you order any drinks for yourselves yet? Looks like Eleanor could use one," Harry slowly looked over to the crying girl sitting in the barstool next to me, "or two. Two could be great for her." He laughed lightly, attempting to make a joke.

"No, not yet. I was too busy getting hit on to even reach the bartender's attention." I frowned.

Harry's mouth fell open in shock, "Really? Obviously you're okay, but what happened?" I told him what happened a few minutes prior and his mouth fell in an 'o' shape, "Wow, I'm glad nothing bad happened."

"And you're also lucky." I smirked as he laughed.

It was silent for a moment before he decided to speak again, "So why weren't you waiting for us like El was?" His tone changed serious and he kept a stern look on his face, "Papz could've hounded you."

I remembered why I left the dressing room, "Danielle."

His face softened up with slight anger still lingering on his features, "What did she want?"

"Dunno," I shrugged, "But she blamed Louis for her break-up as soon as she found out why Eleanor was crying because of me."

"It wasn't your fault that Eleanor was crying. And It wasn't Louis' fault Dani and Liam broke up, it was hers." He frowned.

"Whatever, all I know is that she stopped by and we had a not-so-lovely conversation." Again, I shrugged.

Eventually, he stopped bothering me and, instead, had gotten El to take some shot of who-knows-what. After her fifth shot, maybe, she told me she was starting to feel numb and close to feeling nothing at all. I didn't knkw what to feel for her at that moment; pain, hurt, sadness, happiness? She was a mess that couldn't be cleansed.

Niall had a few pints in him, and he started to take some selfies with random people sitting near him. As much as I wanted to, he wouldn't let me have his phone to prevent anymore drunken selfies that the public did not want to see. He didn't even know these people but he'd do anything in his will to not let me have his phone.

The only people that weren't drunk here was Harry and I, thank The Lord for not making me the only "buzzkill", as Niall calls me. The night hadn't been a complete disaster as my original thoughts had said.

I guess the only sucky part of the night was when we showed up with the paparazzi like wolves and when that guy tried to hook up with me. So it wasn't as bad as the last time I was out, bt the last time I was out had Louis and Louis always leads to trouble. Trouble is what I need less of in my life.

Without a warning, Eleanor left her seat to go and wander around the place. She finally had enough to drink so that she could forget about all the drama for a while and finally have fun. I didn't stop her from what she was doing, though I kept a close eye to her incase she got into trouble.

Ten minutes passed since El had decided to join the fun, and I was still sitting at the bar with Harry. We didn't speak to each other, so an awkward silence surrounded us until he started to chuckle.

"What?" I frowned, nothing's even funny, nobody told a joke!

He pointed to a stumbling Eleanor with some guy wrapped around her, "There's you're girl. I guess going out was what she needed."

My frown stcuck to my face as she waalked up to me, " I think I'm gonna head out..." Her words slurred together.

"What? Why? Eleanor, you can't do that?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Yes, I can." Her tone was bitchy, as if I had struck a drunken nerve.

I shook my head, " What about Louis?"

"What about him, Jen? He seemed to have chosen you anyways." She tried to yell over the music, but quietly enough so nobody else had heard her.

Drunk El wasn't my favorite El at the moment, "He's your boyfriend, you can't cheat on him."

They had broken up, true, but nobody else knew for sure. If she walks out there with this meathead on her arm, their suspicion would be confirmed and our lives would be even worse that what they already are.

"I don't care, maybe you should keep him company since he's already cheated on me with you!" Her tone got louder and people stared at us for a long time. My anger turned into guilt. She smirked before leaving the bar and exiting through the door that lead outside, exposed to the media.

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