One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


11. e l e v e n

~Jennifer's POV~


How many days has it been, maybe a week and a half or two full weeks? He's been in America for quite some time, but I didn't bother to count the days of absence. I didn't have anything to do really, I never use to go out and party with famous and well known people; I stayed at my parents' house and had family movie night with them.

All I had done was stay home while Perrie begged me to go out and have fun while everyone was on tour, but I just kept it to DMing her and Liam on my bed. Louis would DM me once in a while, but I ignored them and pretend I hadn't seen them and then be off on my merry way to continue to clean the family room that had been destroyed by a jealous, and rather rude, Louis Tomlinson.

When I had just started to clean up again, I got a DM from Perrie, as per the usual.

Perrie Edwards: Have you had fun yet? It's been awhile since I've been back on tour. I met up with the boys and they all miss you. Lou hasn't mentioned Eleanor once, making the boys quite nervous.

Jennifer: I miss the four others too. I wish they would talk to me :c

Perrie Edwards: Which four? ;)

Jennifer: Sometimes i dont even know the answer to that question...

Perrie Edwards: Oh, go on.

Jennifer: I cant, I just cant explain it. I just want the boys to talk to me, then I'll know.

I wanted to tell her about my dreams about the voice in my dreams about Liam, but something in my head told me no. I was in the middle of a debate between my thoughts and my actions before she replied back, leaving behind the previous discussion.

Perrie Edwards: Louis says he does, all the time, but you never respond. He feels like you purposely avoid them so the others think you'd do the same to them. I really think you should have a mature conversation with Louis.

Jennifer: Why do you always have to be right? I'll get Modest! to fly me in, then.

Perrie hadn't responded after I sent the last message, which didn't bother me; it was daytime here which meant nighttime there, and Perrie needed to sleep if she'd going to be travelling and performing a lot. But she had been right, I didn't speak to Louis since the limo and how he asked me if I loved Liam. 

He made me think that I made the whole thing up in my head, but I think I liked Louis. And at the same time i liked him, I wouldn't let myself love him, though he had told me that he loved me. I couldn't love someone who tried so badly to ruin the one good thing in my life; Liam. Everything right in my life had led to mine and Liam's paths crossing in multiple areas of the timeline.

My mind swarmed with mindless thoughts of how Liam and I first met, how we had our first kiss together, how we explored our neighborhood together, how we did every school activity together, how we fell in love in the teenage years, how we fell apart in our older teen years, how I met him again from Modest! management and my management working together for a publicity stunt. Those were the kinds of things that meant the most to me. But the best times of my life had also turned out to be the worst times.

The thoughts in my head sent out a shock through my whole body, giving me a massive headache and a wake up call. Go to him, my mind urged me, tell him how everything you need to again before it's too late. I listened to my mind and managed to dial the number to the boys' headquarters to get me flown to One Direction's next location.

I waited a few ring before someone had answered the call, "Hello Jennifer, haven't from ya in a while. What makes you call?"

"Ha, yeah. Sorry about that, just busy I guess. I was wondering if you could fly me into America to see the boys?" My question sounded more like a statement than an actual question.

I heard murmuring in the background before the person spoke to me again, "Yes, of course. We'll get you to the airport this afternoon and fly you to wherever they are."

I smiled, "Great. I'll pack a bag, I guess." I laughed awkwardly before the other line hung up on me. I locked my phone after closing the voice call app and shoved it into my back pocket before grabbing a suit case form the closet and packing some of my favourite outfits and things.

The hours were restless and couldn't come by soon enough for my flight, but when the time came, I had soon to regret it all. I wasn't the only one flying in to see the boys, but so is Eleanor Calder, the only one I've been actually wanting to avoid. She said something bout how once I called in, that they should also bring her in so the fans don't get to crazy about something called Larry.

I didn't really pay attention to her rants on how rude the fans were, because they had seemed to like me so far. One time, she had mentioned that the fans call Louis and Harry gay together, ergo the ship name Larry, and my ears were fully listening on something that I could use to control Louis from harassing me further.

The ride to the airport had only been Eleanor talking about Larry the rest of the way, but she hadn't stopped even when we were boarding a private jet. I guess she had so much to tell about Larry, but I stopped listening once she talked about how people still continue it on, because I only needed the personal details.

I hadn't realized we took off until I was nudged backwards by the force of gravity, making my body ache from staying in one place. Once up in the air, all I could seem to know is that I didn't know who I missed the most, ore the least, but I will make either of their lives really good an then I'll leave. Once I'm gone, they'll really appreciate me then.

Get ready, get set, and get going Jennifer.

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