One Month

Liam and Danielle broke up -- Again. Management doesn't want the media to give Liam a bad image, so they set him up with an actress. They have no idea what they both signed up for. Once they meet face to face, they realized that they already dated. They both want out, but management has them stay together for at least a month; then, if they don't like it, they can split. But a split for another couple might come early.


18. e i g h t e e n

~Jennifer's POV~


No doubt they were tweeting about my appearance here to the boys. And as soon as the boy check their twitter mentions, it's going to throw them over the top. It didn't matter anymore, though; I was already seated on the plane.

I slung my hard-shell suitcase into the overhead container of my seat in the plane. There were many One Direction fans taking photos of my reaction to how heavy the case was and the difficulty of getting it in there. My muscles would pay for this later.

I was seated within the minutes it took to place my luggage overhead and the flight attendants swooned over having a celebrity on board; although I didn't know if it was because of One Direction or from my new movie. Either way, though, I didn't like the attention it was causing me.

I relaxed instantly once I felt the aircraft back up from its position by the gate. I was free for the boys at last, but don't fool my excitement for leaving management for excitement for leaving the boys; I'll miss them all, to be honest, and I'll feel guilty for leaving for the rest of my life.

I tried to think about everything but the boys, but nothing worked; my thoughts just stumbled back to when I first landed in Heathrow and travelled to Modest!'s building, that first night when Louis got my drunk while Eleanor was at school, when Liam asked me out in that very same hotel by using a fake ruse to lure me away from Louis, to that jog Liam took me on, to our first kiss, even our first date, everything.

My jumbled thoughts had distracted me long enough to make me not realize that the plane already lifted from the ground. I didn't even say goodbye to anyone; that will always be my biggest regret.

The air pressure had cause my ears to clog up, giving them and excruciating pain throughout the ear canal. When I tried yawning, to pop them, my jaw popped instead and my ears hurt even worse. It was one of the worst plane rides, so far, that I've ever experienced.

The pilot had turned on the intercom after who knows how long and spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving at Sky Harbour Airport in Phoenix in five more hours."

Shit! My mind was so worried about getting away from the boys, though, that I forgot that I never had a plan for when we landed. Though I had a good five hours of figuring it out, I didn't have any ideas at the moment.

I hadnt thought about it before but, I'm pretty sure I have my purse secured in my suitcase so my debit cards and lisence should be housed in there; not everybody takes kindly to celebrities who forget their money.

The boys don't have a way to contact me, because they took my phone away so I had no idea what was happening with the media, so I could always get a new phone. Though the boys might get the mentions from their fans on which flight I took, I could always drive into California or a small town in Arizona.

My thoughts were interupted by a redheaded stewardess with freckles dotting across her cheeks and nose came up to me with a snack cart just calling my name, "Would you like something to drink, Miss?" Her tone was softand barely audible.

"Oh, no thank you, but a snack would be nice." I replied with a friendly smile.

The fiery haired woman nodded shyly, handing me a menu with the assortments of food written next to reasonable prices, "Turkey Club, please." I was so frantic about getting out of New York that I disregarded the memory of Danielle telling Harry to get me something to eat.

I reached for my bag in the overhead compartment before the stewardess stopped me, "On the house."

My eyes softened into guilt, "That's not fair, though."

"Miss Jennifer, you are a celebrity who is highly respected, everything is fair." With that, she handed me the sandwich and went on her way with serving the other passengers.

I ate silently and hidden away from the glares of angry passengers that didn't get free food; this is why not being allowed to pay made me feel so guilty, because everyone expects celebrities to get special treatment. I do my job because I love it, not because I want to be treated better than others.

Soon after I finished eating my meal, my eyes grew weary and my body took over and shut down by itself. I drifted into a dark abyss, wandering into the back of my mind and replaying old memories from the past month willingly; I didn't fight against what I wanted to see, no matter how much it hurt me.


"Jennifer? Your prince awaits!" The burly security guard that brought me here came into view, hiding my new boyfriend behind his bulky torso.

I wanted so badly to see him again but he would come out from behind the man. I knew it was Liam because if the other four were here, and one was missing, it had to be the boy I've always known and loved. I giggled at Liam's silliness, "Well, I'd love to see his face!"

The look upon Liam's face was a mixture of shock and confusment, he obviously didn't know it was me he was being set up with. When he didn't speak up, I had to, and I pretended to be suprised, "Liam? Liam Payne?


"Why don't we ditch this scene?" Louis slurred into my ear. Her pulled me away before I could answer and no one tried to stop us because Liam had went to the men's room and the others were busy.

Louis started to kiss me and I didn't pull back, I let him take advantage of me, "Why don't we get a hotel room?" I asked seductively and we ran across the street to this fancy hotel.


The notes and drivers and outfit findings were just tiresome. By the time I had gotten to find my cell phone that I had left, I was already annoyed by all the running to and from and getting Louis as the last driver to my final destination rose me over the top.

"Do you love him?" A pathetic question for the pathetic asshole that left me after sex in the first place.

The words hurt, however, when I said them, "Of course I love him." At that same moment, I wanted to die, until I turned around and saw Liam dressed down in a tuxedo. He looked fit in it, too; all of the One Direction boys could pull of a tuxedo but Liam was my favorite by far.


My mind swarmed with mindless thoughts of how Liam and I first met, how we had our first kiss together, how we explored out neighborhood together, how we did every school activity together, how we fell in love in the teenage years, how we fell apart in our older teen years, how I met him again from Modest! management and my management working together for a publicity stunt. Those were the kinds of things that meant the most to me. But the best times in my life had aslo turned out to be the worst ones.

The thoughts in my head sent out a shock through my whole body, giving me a massive headache and a wake up call. Or was that a voice in the real world while I was still in my dream land?


I was taken off guard when I was awoken from a lucid, far away voice that came from the mouth of the redhead that served me earlier, "Miss, the plane has landed, you can wake up and leave now."

I slept through the entire flight? That's a first because I never sleep on airplanes and trust me, I've been on many airplanes. I stood up from the isle seat that I had chosen when I first boarded the plane and retreated my bag from the overhead compartment. The suitcase slammed hard on the floor of the aircraft, startling some passengers, but didn't cause too much attention as I thought it would've.

The pilot finally let everyone file out of the parked aircraft, me going last because I was in no rush to leave just yet. When I did, though, everything was extremely quiet. The airport held no sound and there wasn't any commotion in the spacious room. My feet shuffled out of the way so that people can finally board their flight to their destination and I was finally home free.

I called a cabbie over my way and the lady driving asked, "Where to?"

I had absolutely no idea what the layout to this city was, let alone the state itself, so ii I simply replied with, "The nearest hotel."

I could get things sorted out over there and begin my new life as a runaway celebrity. But first things first:

Now I just need to settle down in a quiet town and get a job where no one knows my past.

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