Mystery Man

Katherine was a normal 18 year old girl. One day she was out at starbucks picking up coffe for her and her brothers. It was just like any other day, but on her way out of starbucks she noticed a brown haired, blue eyed boy staring at her. She glanced over toward him and he just looked down at his coffe, face turning bright red.........Read to find out who this mystery guy is!! :) haha
(It is rated the way it is because of the language)


8. Chapter 7

***Authors Note- Heyy!! Thank you all SO much for reading!! Sorry i haven't updated in  a while :/ been kinda hectic because of core testing, cheer, softball practice, hw, and sign ups for the 8th grade. So I decided I would try to get at least two chapters in tonight. and they will be long!(well i'll try) Oh! and i have to mention that Luke and Amber are best friends, and, Tyler and his friend Stella are. Stella moved away from Ireland a while ago and came to London, and Tyler never saw her again. Leggo!! :) lol



Luke's P.O.V

L- 'Yea, what's that?'

K- 'Well, since we are home, meet me in the screening room in 10.'

L- 'K. Well imma stop texting. Amber is getting suspicious.'

K- 'Haha :) ok'

We pulled into the driveway and we all piled out of the van. Louis and Kat got out and opened the doors and then Daileny, Kayle, and Makaiah got out. After them it was Amber, Tyler, then me. For some odd reason, I am always the last one out. Amber, of course, waited for me, like always. Her and I have been best friends since she found out about my crush on Kayle.

Daileny's P.O.V.

As soon as we were about 199 ft. from the driveway, I reached the edge of my seat. I guess Tyler noticed, because he leaned forward and whispered 'You know it's not a race? right?' in my ear. That sent shivers down my spine. All I did waas look down at my feet and blush at embarassment. I could tell that he was smirking at me, like always does when he's right. As soon as we stopped I whispered 'Race ya' in Tyler's ear and when Louis opened the van door, I ran as fast as I could, not even noticing that I just ran past THE Louis Tomlinson without fangirling. I am so proud of myself.

Amber's P.O.V.

While Tyler, Luke, and I piled out of the van, I stood there and waited for Luke to slowly slide out. While I was waiting, Tyler ran inside and was looking for Daileny, I'm guessing. When Luke finally reached the edge of the seats, I grabbed his arm and dragged him out. Which backfired on me because he fell right on top of me. It made me uncomfortable, so I hurried and got up and helped him up. When we went inside, Tyler was chasing Daileny around the living room, Kat was on the phone, Louis was watching the telli, and Kayle was playing Ice Cream Jump on her phone.

"What time is it?" Luke asked me with a worried tone.

"Idk. We've been here for about five minutes." I told him.

L- "SHIT! I will catch up with ya later. kay?"

Am- "kay."

Lo- "Hey Amber. Wanna sit with me?"

I got so nervous when he asked me that. "Sure, I-i-i guess." I stuttered like an idiot.

Lo- "haha. Come on. Come sit." he said with a smile.

Am- "O-okay" I stuttered again. MAN I JUST CAN'T STOP! CAN I?

Kat's P.O.V.

When I got inside the house it was just me and Louis. So he put one hand on my back and led me to the couch; when we sat down he gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

"You were right." I confessed to him.

"About what beautiful?" He said in a very sweet tone.

"You don't remember?" I started "Well I guess you will never find out then." I teased him. And at that very second, the phone rang. I went to go answer it, but when I did he tugged on my waist so he pulled me onto his lap.

"Louis. I have to get the phone. Let me go." I looked at him with a puppy dog face when he said no. "Pwease" I added.

"Hmm..Let me think about it. No." He said in a playful voice.

"PWEASSSE?!?!?!" I pleaded. "I NEED to get the phone."

"Fine....But only this once." He said with a chuckle and a smile.

"finally." I mumbled to myself. I guess I was louder than I thought because he answered me. "What was that young lady?"

"Nothing." I said far to quickly.


***Author's Note- hey guys! ok. well I didn't get two chapters in but I got one and I took alot of breaks so i was suprised I got this one done. And Stella I will get you in, in the next chapter. PROMISE :)

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