Mystery Man

Katherine was a normal 18 year old girl. One day she was out at starbucks picking up coffe for her and her brothers. It was just like any other day, but on her way out of starbucks she noticed a brown haired, blue eyed boy staring at her. She glanced over toward him and he just looked down at his coffe, face turning bright red.........Read to find out who this mystery guy is!! :) haha
(It is rated the way it is because of the language)


7. Chapter 6

***Authors Note- Thank you SO much for reading!!! I have way more reads than i thought I would've had :) I luv you all!! OH! and Fyi I am feeling lazy today so L is Luke. K is Kat. Lo is Louis. T is Tyler. M is Makaiah. D is Daileny. Am is Amber. and Ka is Kayle. (: Enjoy



When I walked away from Liam and Makaiah I saw Kayle flirting with Harry...WAIT! SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FLIRTING WITH HARRY!! SHE HAS A CRUSH ON LUKE!!! I walked over to them and stood right inbetween Harry and Kayle. I saw Luke's facial expression go from depressed to happy in a snap. I started to chat with Harry, but I noticed Kayle turned away with a 'Bitch. You just ruined my chance.' look I shook it off because she knows i would never do that, and I have Louis. So when Harry started asking me questions, I answered them truthfully.

"Are you a fan?" He asked
"Not really." I said "I only know a little bit about One direction, but I love your guys' songs, especially Heart Attack."

"Oh cool!" He said with a little dissapointment in his voice. "So which guy is your favorite?"

"Actually.." I started. "I don't have a favorite, because I don't know anything about you or the other lads. I can barley tell your voices apart when you're singing."

"Oh.." he thought of another question "What are your hobbies?"

"Well I like to play softball, cheer, but the cheer season is almost over, play football, and guitar." I said with glee.

"Cool! Niall knows how to play guitar, and we all know how to play football." He said with cheer in his voice at the last part.

"Well I didn-" I got cut off by Luke dragging me away.

"Well bye I guess" he said with a chuckle. I just simply smiled at him.

Luke brought me over to a spot in the room where no one was and started to talk to me.

L- "Isn't that Niall? from back home?"

K- "Yeah. can you not say anything please? I don't want him to remember me."

L- "To late. He already came up to me and Tyler and caught up with us."

K- "God da-" i cut myslef off "dang it."

L- "Can we leave? I think Kayle is falling for Harry. and Tyler told me Daileny is flirting with Zayn alot."

K- "Yeah. I will ask Louis.. go tell the others while I go talk to Lou."

L- "Kay. Will do" he said with a smile.

Once I made my over to Louis I asked him if we could go. "Why?" He asked. "I-I..Luke doesn't feel good" I stuttered trying to come up with an excuse. He bought it, thankfully. We said our goodbye's to the lads and made our way to the car. When we got in the car I got my phone out and texted Luke, who was two rows behind me.

K- 'Hey! you need to ask Kayle out before Harry does!'

L- 'I know. I know. How is the question though.'

K- 'I have an idea (:'

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