Mystery Man

Katherine was a normal 18 year old girl. One day she was out at starbucks picking up coffe for her and her brothers. It was just like any other day, but on her way out of starbucks she noticed a brown haired, blue eyed boy staring at her. She glanced over toward him and he just looked down at his coffe, face turning bright red.........Read to find out who this mystery guy is!! :) haha
(It is rated the way it is because of the language)


4. Chapter 3

***Authors note- BTW her friends are OBSESSED with One Direction. Katherine not so much so she don't really know who's in the band and what not..



Kat's P.O.V.

*Next day*

My phone buzzed and I looked and this popped up- 'Morning beautiful (; wanna meet up today?' I replied with a simple 'Sure :) When and where?' after about five seconds

Louis replied with 'The park 'bout a block down from the starbucks where we met around noon-ish?'

'Sounds lovely :) see you then' I replied to him. I was actually excited to get to know him because for some reason i had a feeling that he wasn't so random pysco guy. I just knew he was special.

'See you then :) can't wait' i got this reply after about two minutes.

So since it was about 11 o'clock i decided that I have to hurry because it usually takes me an hour and a half to get ready, and about 15 minutes to drive there. I got dressed in some high-waisted light pink shorts, a crop top that was grey and has the words 'ninja please' in big pink letters, and some grey toms. After I did my makeup I hurried and put my hair in a high pony tail since I only had 5 mins to finish getting ready. I left a note in the kitchen on the counter that said 'went to the park for a bit. ~Kat' then I was on my way to meet Louis at the park.


Louis' P.O.V

After I finished texting Kat and getting ready it was about 11:45 so I decided to walk to the park since it was only a couple blocks from my house. When I arrived at the park a few minutes later I saw Kat pull up in her car and get out looking beautiful as ever. I smiled at her and she blushed and smiled at the ground. When she approached me I stood up and offered her a seat next to me like a true gentleman would. We started talking.

"So Kat," I started.

"Hmm?" she asked shyly.

"Does your boyfriend mind that you are out meeting me here today?"

"Oh...." she trailed off a little "actually, I don't have a boyfriend.." She said quietly.

"WHAT?! Why not?" I asked shocked.

"Well...before we moved to london I did have a crush on this guy that I was pretty close with...."

"What's his name?" I asked curiously.

"His name was Niall...." she trailed off again. She tends to do that alot, but it's cute. 

"What happened?"

"Well when we moved I was saying goodbyes' to all my friends and then when I got to the end of the line and he wasn't there....then when I turned around he was behind me with a sad expression on his face..I asked him what was wrong and he said that he had to leave too.....he was auditioning for the X-Factor....He made it and I never saw him again....." she said while trying to hold back tears, but it didn't work. I lifted her chin with my thumb and four-finger and looked her directly in the eyes and told her "If he didn't stay in touch with a beautiful girl like you, he is crazy." She lightly smiled and I wiped her tears softly off of her cheeks with my thumb. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up off the bench and said "We are going on a walk to cheer you up :)"

"Well I-" she started.

"I'm not taking no for an answer!" I said with a smile plastered on my face.


Kat's P.O.V.

We started walking down the sidewalk and he asked me if my parents didn't mind me being out so late. I almost started to tear up again, but I held them back and told said, " parents actually died in a car crash while my brothers and I were in school....So now I take care of my little brothers, they act like my older brothers though. They watch out for me and my friends that live with us." I smiled at the thought of how loving my brothers were, which made Louis smile.

 "Hey Louis?" I said quietly.

"Hm?" he hummed. "Oh. and you can call me Lou..." he smiled at me, that made me blush. :)

"Okay... and I was wondering if you wanted to come and meet my brothers and friends? my friends are bugging me about you whenever we text...." I had to catch my breath and started to talk again.."So do you wanna come over?"

"Sure, your brothers sound sweet and your friends sound well like teenage girls do. :)"

"Kay' so shall we start heading to my car?" I questioned.

*skip car ride there*

"LUKE!! TYLER!! AMBER!! KAYLE!! DAILENY!! MAKAIAH!!" I yelled up the staircase while Lou checked out the house downstairs. Tyler and Luke came flying down the stairs first, followed by Amber and Kayle, then Makaiah and Daileny. Tyler and Luke asked in unison "who's this?!'' Amber, Kayle, Daileny, and Makaiah on the other hand just stood there mouths wide open and staring at Lou. "What?" I asked them.

It was just a mixture that sounded like this a little bit, at least I think, "THAT'SBOOBEARLOUISTOMMOONEDFAMOUSHILARIOUSGOREGOUS..ONE DIRECTIONS' LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!" They all yelled the last part in unison.. and the first part just sounded like mumbo jumbo.

"Okay, all I got out of that was Louis, One, and That's." I said in confusion.

"THAT'S. LOUIS. TOMLINSON. FROM. ONE. DIRECTION." Kayle said in a super slow voice. I just stood there with the 'you're kidding right' look on my face. I turned to Lou and just asked him if it really was him, and he said yeah.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask him.

"Because you didn't fangirl. And I liked that." he said with a smile.

"Oh." I simply said.

"Well can I talk to you in private for a minute?" He asked me.

"Yeah sure. Guys can you leave us in privacy for a min.?" They all just nodded 'yes'

When we were finally alone, he pulled me into a corner so the guys didn't hear us. When he finally started talking he told me this, "Well, I know I've only known you for a little while,but I was wondering if you wanted to.....b-be my g-g-girlfriend??" We were now only about half a foot away from each other and i just simply replied with a "yes :)"

"Great, now I can finally do this." he leaned in closer...and closer....and closer...until we were only about an inch away and I leaned in the rest of the way and we kissed until we pulled away for air. As soon as we did, Daileny came barging in. She asked us what we were talking about and we just simply said "oh nothing". When everyone else came in the room, my brothers stormed right over to lou and dtarted asking him questions. Questions led to chit-chat, which led to playing video games, which led to bonding. Then when the time was right Lou asked them for their blessing to have me be his girlfriend. Tyler quickly said yes and after a second of thinking, Luke said to him, "If you hurt my sister, you are going to be in a world of heat. Also if she gets hate from fans and can't take it anymore then you just let her break-up with you if she wants to. OH! and you take it the speed that she wants to in your relationship, that means NO FUNNY BUISNESS!!" When Luke finally finished his speech Lou raised his righ hand and swore that he never would...How do I know this you ask? Oh me and the girls had our ears pressed on the door to the boys' room. Haha. Finally when we couldn't hear the boys' voices they opened the door quickly and we all fell to the floor: Kayle on the bottom, Daileny on top of her, Me on top of Daileny, Makaiah on top of me, and Amber on top of us all. The boys helped us up: Tyler helped Daileny first, Luke helped Kayle first, and Lou helped me first. Then I helped up Makaiah and Louis helped up Amber, while Luke and Tyler chit-chatted with Daileny and Kayle. Amber was trying not to fangirl because Louis Tomlinson had just helped her up off of the floor. She smiled flirty and blushed, I broke the silence between them and told Am, "HEY! He's mine! Back off Am!" while I was moving closer to Louis who had a smile on his face and I put my arm around his back and he put his on my waist.

*Next Day*

Louis' P.O.V.

I woke up on the floor in front of Kat's bed with her in my arms..I looked down at her and smiled "Morning Louis" she said in a morning voice. "Morning Beautiful." I smiled at her.

"Hey! I have an idea of what me, you, the girls, tyler, and luke can do today!" I whisper-yelled at her

"And what is that?" she asked.

"How 'bout since the girls love the band so much...we go to my place and meet them?" I said in a cheery voice.

"Sounds fun...I'll go tell the guys, and get ready" she told me cheerfuly.


***Authors Note- Hey beautifuls!! Thaks for continuing on :) I swear I will try to update tomorrow after school :) It's ten o'clock where i am so good night/ good morning!! OH YEAH! I was gonna mention this earlier but forgot...SORRY FOR ANY SPELLING/GRAMMAR ERRORS (: luv yall' and

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