Mystery Man

Katherine was a normal 18 year old girl. One day she was out at starbucks picking up coffe for her and her brothers. It was just like any other day, but on her way out of starbucks she noticed a brown haired, blue eyed boy staring at her. She glanced over toward him and he just looked down at his coffe, face turning bright red.........Read to find out who this mystery guy is!! :) haha
(It is rated the way it is because of the language)


3. Chapter 2

***Authors Note- Thank you guys so much for reading!! My first Movella and I already have more reads than I thought I would get (: thanks lovlies (: sorry for not updating that much. I will try to update more (:  xxHaileyxx***


Tyler's P.O.V. (Tyler is Irish)

"Where is Kat with the coffe?!" Kayle groaned as she exited her room. I wonder if she will EVER get a boyfriend. "She will be back soon, don't worry Kayle." Daileny reassured Kayle with the cheery voice she always has.

When I finally got pulled out of my thoughts I broke the silence and said, "You better listen to Daileny, 'cuz she is always right, even when she's wrong." I flashed her a smile and she blushed. We have been living with these girls for 6 months and I am now just realising that I have feelings for Daileny. Wow......


Kat's P.O.V. (Kat is Irish)

When I realised that that boy was watching me I gathered up the courage to go up to him, so I walked over to him and he just looked down at his coffe. "Hi." I said breaking the akward silence. He just replied to me with a simple, "Hello".

"Sorry for staring, you're just so beautiful." he said

"Oh, thank you, but I don't really mind you staring, it's just I was getting a little worried that I looked terrible this morning." I said. "What's your name by the way?"

"Louis. Louis Tomlinson. and you are?" Louis said.

"Katherine. Katherine Summers. But you can call me Kat."

"Well then, Kat. I think your orders up."

"OH! Yeah, thanks." I went and grabbed my order and went back to his table. "I'm really sorry, but I have to go, my friends are really cranky without their coffe." I chuckled and turned around to leave but he tugged on my shoulder lightly, and said "Will I see you again?"

"Umm.....yeah (: here" I wrote my number on his hand with my name "text me sometime :)" I smiled at him.

"Okay, I will."

I left with that and about two minutes later I got a text that read 'Hey Kat. It's Louis :)' I waited until I got home to answer him though, you know no texting and driving.


Luke's P.O.V. (Luke is Irish)

'Where the hell are you?!' I texted Kat. About two seconds later she walked through the door and said, "I'm right here! And you know not to swear at me, even if it is over a text." she snapped at me.

"You're right, you're right." I admitted.

"KAYLEEE, OHH KAYLEEE" She sang in a very unusually happy mood.

"COFFE!!!!" Kayle yelled in an excited tone. Kat and I ran and hid behind the couch after she set the coffe on the kitchen island. 'Kayle is so cute when she is excited like a little girl' I thought to myself 'STOP! She is your sister's best friend! Well at least I'm not as in love with her like Tyler is with Daileny.'


Amber's P.O.V. (Amber is British)

"COFFE!!!!" I heard Kayle, of course, yell. Which signals that Kat is back. I went downstairs to find 3 coffes' and 1 hot chocolate on the kitchen island. I looked around the kitchen to find kat, but then I turned around and saw her and Luke on the sofa watching the telli and Kat staring down at her phone texting someone....WAIT! WHO IS SHE TEXTING?! EVERYONE IS HOME!!!!

"Kat!!" I yelled trying to get her attention. Which worked. "WHAT?!" she snapped back at me.

"Who are you textin??" I said in a very girly voice. "Is it a boy? What's his name? Is he cute? Do I know him? Where'd ya meet him?"

"STAHP!" she yelled to get me to stop rambling. "It's just this guy I met at starbucks while I was waiting for our coffe. No biggy."


"SHUT UP" She whisper-yells "This is exactly why I didn't tell you in particular."

"Luke, is this true? Did she tell you who she's texting?" I quickly questioned him.

"Yea she told me." He said with a blank expression on his face, still staring at the telli.


Kayle's P.O.V. (Kayle's American who moved to Ireland)

"Finally, my precious iced coffe" I whispered to myself while sipping it. I had just remembered that I still had to get dressed so I took a couple sips of my coffe and headed to my closet. When I found the perfect outfit I slipped it on did minimul makeup, mascara, concealer, and blush. Put my hair in a high bun, and I was headed downstairs with my coffe in my hand and my iPhone in my other. I made my way down the staircase and saw Luke staring at me, let's just say I have had a crush on him for about 5 1/2 months and I can tell he likes me.

"Hey Kayle. Did you finally keep your cool now that you have your coffe?" Amber asked me. "Haha. verry funny." I fake laughed and smiled at Luke.


***Authors Note- I will do the other girls P.O.V's in the next chapter. BTW Kayle and Daileny are American, Amber is British, Luke, Kat, and Tyler are Irish. They all lived in Ireland and decided to move to London. Luv you beautifuls :) thanks for reading (: Favorite, Like, comment, give feedback on how i'm doing please....OH! and tell me if I should continue :)


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