Mystery Man

Katherine was a normal 18 year old girl. One day she was out at starbucks picking up coffe for her and her brothers. It was just like any other day, but on her way out of starbucks she noticed a brown haired, blue eyed boy staring at her. She glanced over toward him and he just looked down at his coffe, face turning bright red.........Read to find out who this mystery guy is!! :) haha
(It is rated the way it is because of the language)


14. Chapter 11

***Author's Note- HEYGUYS!!! Sorry I haven't updated in a long time! I have been trying to fix my internet and I finally got it to work! YAY!! lol :) So lets get to it shall we? haha I'd say yes... OH! and I am only going to be doing kat's p.o.v. but I will do the others sometimes. ~xxHaileyxx*** Kat's P.O.V. Niall walked out to the others and they all just kept chatting. Tyler and I went to the bathroom in my room to fill up the squirt guns. We each had two. One for both hands :). When they were done filling up, we peeked our heads around the corner. "PST!" I whispered to Niall's attention. He turned his head and I said we clear? He just nodded again in disagreement. I just mouthed 'ok'. I turned around to Tyler. "Okay, so, she snapped out of it finally so we are going to run out there screaming and yell water fight. Then, we are going to just drench everybody then run outside. Kay?" "Okay, but what about Niall? U said we wouldn't spray him." He asked "Just pretend I didn't say that. Okay?" I said giving him an evil smile. He just smiled and nodded. We ran out there as we were screaming. Everyone turned and looked at us funny. Niall was laughing so I sprayed him in the mouth. He spit it out and then started chasing me. I ran and sprayed him while he was chasing me and almost tripping. Meanwhile I sprayed everyone else too. Tyler sprayed Stella, then Daileny, Harry, and everyone else. While he was doing that, Niall caught me. He had me by the waist, so I turned around, I had the squirt gun pressed up against my chest. He pulled me closer and I sprayed him in the face. He let go and I ran to Louis laughing. Luke ran out of the room when he saw we had squirt guns. I wonder what he was doing. As soon as I snapped out of my thoughts, I glanced towards the corner where Tyler and I ran out and saw Luke run out with squirt guns also. "Uh oh." I said in my head. He threw them to everyone and Tyler and I ran for the backyard. They caught up to us. Man we were slow runners. Lol :). I felt water hit my back. I turned around to see everyone walking towards Tyler and I. Everyone. And I mean Everyone. Had squirt guns. They ALL had evil smiles of revenge on their faces. They were lined up in a perfect line. It was Zayn, Liam, Makaiah, Kayle, Louis, Niall, Amber, Stella, Harry, Luke, Daileny. They walked towards us slowly. When they were about two feet in front of us, Niall screamed, "READY? AIM! FIRRREEE!!!!! As soon as he yelled fire I ran for it as they started squirting us. Louis, Niall, Amber, Zayn, Stella and Harry started following me so I still got sprayed down from head to toe. They wouldn't stop so, I jumped in the pool. :) I figured I was already wet so why not. Haha :) I cannon-balled it into the deep end. Everyone ran over to the pool and Tyler jumped in with me. We started laughing and soon Harry pushed Stella in. When she bobbed back up to the top, she splashed him and got up on the edge and dragged him in with her. When he reached the top everyone was watching to see what he would do. He looked at her, his curls soaked, his eyes narrow, his lips in a straight line. Soon, his mouth turned into an evil smile. While everyone was watching them to see what would happen next, no one was paying attention to me so....I got on the edge, like Stella did, and Grabbed Louis arm and pulled him into the pool as I jumped into the pool backwards. As soon as he felt his feet leave the ground he looked towards me, I smiled and laughed. He looked startled by him being pulled off the ground apparently. After a minute of us being in the pool, Kayle pushed Luke in, Daileny pushed Kayle in, Niall pushed Zayn and Liam in at the same time, Tyler pulled Daileny in. "And then there was two..." Niall and I said in unison. It wasn't unusual for us though, back home we used to talk like this all the time. Niall looked at me with a stunned look. Then he smiled and I could tell what he was thinking. 'We are back to the way we were before' ***Author's note- HEY! Sorry I was going to try to get another chapter in tonight but it looks like that's not going to happen....well, it might. Sorry Stella, i'll get to u and harry soon...OH YEAH! PLEASSEEE like this movella!!! Thank you for over 200 likes!!!!!! love you guys!!!!!LIKE IT UP!!! lol Byeee ~xxHaileyxx***
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