I have lived 'Miss Harriette's Home for the Musically Talented' for 5 years. I am 15. Throughout those five years I've grown lonelier and lonelier. Miss Harriette is a horrible woman. I don't know how she's past child services' inspections. I was sent here by my mother. She could not afford to take care of both of us after my dad left. It was the hardest thing my mom ever had to do. There are only two things in this world that can make me smile anymore, music and art. I am in love with music. Art is more of a hobbie. Although, the one thing I want more than anything is to get out of this place.


6. Chapter 6

*Stella's P.O.V.*

Suddenly, I heard the door open and running. I didn't even bother to look up. I was too scared and too weak. "Stella?" I heard Louis' British accent say. I built up the strength to open my eyes slightly. It was Louis! He ripped out the IV and untied me. He picked me up and turned to walk out but instead got punched down by Jeff. I guess it had been half an hour and they came back expecting me to be dead. Shouldn't I be dead? "Jeff what's wrong with you?! She should be dead right now! What happened?!" I heard Miss. Harriette yell at him. "I don't know! UGH!!! I forgot to turn it on!" That's when I heard a loud bang. A gunshot. I heard Jeff moan before he fell to the ground dead. OH NO! Miss. Harriette had a gun! Louis was out cold. I had gained my strength back. I sat up. Miss. Harriette walked over to me. "Perfect! I have both of you here! Now say goodbye!" she said and pointed the gun at me. I tried to shake Louis awake. Nothing worked. Then I heard a thud and a groan from behind me. I turned back around to see Miss. Harriette knocked out and laying on the ground. Niall was standing behind her swearing because his knuckles hurt from the impact to Miss. Harriette's neck. I jumped up and gave him a humungous hug. I still had tears running down my cheeks. "You're welcome." He whispered in my ear and hugged me back. After I let go, I ran back to Louis. Niall hadn't noticed the state that Louis was in and ran over to him with me. "Louis?!" He called. Louis finally groggily sat up. I embraced him in a hug also. It was a huge relief that he woke up.

While we were helping Louis up the police showed up and asked what happened. Louis and Niall explained what went down here, and I went outside and got taken to the hospital to get checked out. Once the doctors were done, Louis and all of the other boys had arrived there. The doctors explained that, although none of the liquid nitrogen entered my bloodstream, some of the fumes had gotten to my head and that I might have a little bit of sleep apnea or other minor side effects until it wears off. We all let out a sigh of relief.

Louis took me home and by then Eleanor was home and worried out of her mind. "Where have you guys been?!" She asked once we walked through the door. "I'll tell you later. Right now I think we just want to relax." Louis replied while walking upstairs. "Ok, but if you want, there is lunch on the table!" El yelled after him. Louis turned on the spot and ran back down the stairs on dug in to his sandwich. I walked in after him and ate my sandwich. When I was finished, I went upstairs and got my pyjamas on. It's not like I was going anywhere. Then I went downstairs and put in Wreck-it Ralph. Soon I was joined by Louis and El. I was glad I was back home but I don't deserve to be here right now. I should have died. It's what I did derserve.

When the movie marathon was over, I trudged upstairs to my bed since it was almost mid-night. I climbed in to my comfy domain and dozed off. Not soon later I was back awake. I am guessing the sleep apnea has taken effect. Since there was no getting back to sleep, I walked all the way downstairs to the basement and retook my position I was in before I was taken. The floors are almost sound proof so I didn't have to worry about waking anybody up. I played and played and played. I loved it.

*Eleanor's P.O.V.*

I can't believe that Miss. Harriette did that!. I'm so mad I can't even sleep. I heard Stella get out of her room. I wondered what she was doing. I listened to her footsteps going down the stairs to the basement. I quietly got up and snuck down the stairs after her. She went into the piano room. What was she doing there? Miss. Harriette said even though Stella wasn't anything special and sometimes even horrible and annoying, she only took her in to the musically talented home because her mother pleaded her to. I didn't expect Stella to know how to play. Once she started, my jaw dropped open. It was so beautiful and full of passion. Why didn't she show us her talent before. She was like a female Mozart! I couldn't stop the chills going up my spine. She was so amazing. I decided to go back upstairs because I was falling asleep outside of the door. I can't believe it.

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