I have lived 'Miss Harriette's Home for the Musically Talented' for 5 years. I am 15. Throughout those five years I've grown lonelier and lonelier. Miss Harriette is a horrible woman. I don't know how she's past child services' inspections. I was sent here by my mother. She could not afford to take care of both of us after my dad left. It was the hardest thing my mom ever had to do. There are only two things in this world that can make me smile anymore, music and art. I am in love with music. Art is more of a hobbie. Although, the one thing I want more than anything is to get out of this place.


5. Chapter 5

*Stella's P.O.V.*

Last night was the best night I've had in a long time. My entire life took a turn towards the better when I got away from Miss. Harriette. I shudder at her name. I wonder what they've done with her. Hopefully put her away in jail to rot.

Anyway, today Louis has to go to the studio and El has a modelling job downtown, so I'll be home by myself for a couple of hours. When Danielle came to pick up El, she brought Loki over to keep me company. Then they left and I was alone. I played with Loki for a few minutes then found myself downstairs. I was going to watch a movie but something else caught my eye. I passed the room with the beautiful piano in it. I walked over to it and ran my fingers over the keys careful not to press any. I sat down on the bench while my hands hovered as if trying to remember how to play. All of a sudden, something came over me. i started playing with such great joy and happiness. I've never heard such a sound come from a piano. It was perfectly tuned and on key. My delicate fingertips hitting every right note. The noise making its way from the piano was bouncing with energy and filled with spirit. All of my saddness went away. It felt as if everything in the world was perfect. Until I thought I heard the door open and close upstairs. I immediately stopped playing and went to the bottom of the stairs to investigate. No one was in the doorway so I stepped up some more stairs and looked around. No one, still alone. It must of been Loki, maybe he wants some food. I went into the kitchen where Loki was, and sure enough there he was whinning for food. I scooped some out and into the bowl. He dug in, I smiled and turned around and started walking back to the stairs. When I opened the door to the foyer, I saw a shadow. Who was it? Maybe Louis or Eleanor were back early! I went to go see who it was. When I turned the corner, I became face to face with Miss. Harriette's very muscular boyfriend. My eyes widened, trying to think of how to react. I quickly darted back downstairs back to the piano room and locked the door. It was all I could think to do under all this pressure. I sank down in the corner while he pounded on the door. Tears escaped my eyes. I didn't know what to do. OH! I had an idea. I picked up the phone and tried to remember Louis' phone number. I quickly dialled it in and waited. *ring ring* "Hello?" he answered. "Hello?? Stella? Is that you? Stella?" He hung up. As soon as he did, the door ripped open. The big man came in and grabbed me and swung me over his shoulder and ran back to his car parked on the street. He threw me in the trunk and zoomed off. I was mortyfied. Why did this happen? Where is he taking me? What's happening?


Suddenly, the car came to a violent stop. I heard voices outside. One of which I could recognize as Miss. Harriette's. He popped the trunk and pulled me out onto the ground. He tied my hands and feet together so I couldn't run away. We were at an old abandoned warehouse way outside of town. This had Miss. Harriette written all over it. What were they going to do to me? Her boyfriend carried me inside and placed me on chair. I saw all sorts of machines around. Miss. Harriette made a slow leisurely walk inside and to the chair across from me. "I bet you're wondering why you're here. Well I'll tell you why. YOU RUINED MY LIFE! It's your fault I am constantly being chased by the authorities. It's your fault I skipped my court appearance and skipped bail. It's your fault I lost my own daughter. It's your fault I lost my orphanage and job. It's your fault I'm being hunted and wanted dead or alive. Everything's your fault! Ever since that cute little couple showed up and decided to "save" you, my life has gone straight down hill. The only thing I have now is my boyfriend, Jeff. And you have to admit, he's pretty amazing but I had many other amazing things in my life before you came along and wrecked everything!" She was right. I ruined someone's life. I deserve this and not what Louis and Eleanor have me. "Now here's what we're gonna do." started Jeff. "We're gonna hook you up to this IV that is filled with liquid nitrogen and basically freeze you from the inside out very slowly so that you can enjoy it. Sound good?" he laughed. "Once you're hooked up we are going to leave because seeing someone freeze is not a sight you want to see. But don't worry, we will be back in about half an hour, you should be done by then. Ready?" Miss. Harriette said. I struggled to get out of the chair. It was no use. I deserved this anyway.

*Louis' P.O.V.*

I hurried home to check on Stella. I had a bad feeling after I recieved a call from the house. I raced through the front door and searched for Stella calling out her name over and over again. No where. I walked into the kitchen and saw Loki pigging out on his newly filled food bowl. She couldn't have left too long ago if it was full. I ran back to the car and noticed skid marks on the road. I figured that was my best bet to find out where she was. There was more marks down the road so I followed them. On my way, I called the boys to come help me look and the police. I met up with the boys after about 5 minutes. I told what had happened after I had rushed out of the recording session. They were so worried. Of course I was the most. Where was she?!

*Stella's P.O.V.*

Jeff slid the IV into my arm. I tried to shake it out before anything would happen. "It's going to drip very slowly so you can wish your last wishes for the next possibly 15 minutes. Bye!" Miss. Harriette walked out followed by Jeff. I was freaking out! I didn't want to die but I deserved it. I looked up at the full bag of liquid nitrogen that was going to drain into my bloodstream. I waited and waited for it to be over. It felt like forever. I felt so weak and useless. That's what I was weak and useless. I felt numb. I felt too weak to keep my eyes open, they closed and I feared they would never open again.

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