I have lived 'Miss Harriette's Home for the Musically Talented' for 5 years. I am 15. Throughout those five years I've grown lonelier and lonelier. Miss Harriette is a horrible woman. I don't know how she's past child services' inspections. I was sent here by my mother. She could not afford to take care of both of us after my dad left. It was the hardest thing my mom ever had to do. There are only two things in this world that can make me smile anymore, music and art. I am in love with music. Art is more of a hobbie. Although, the one thing I want more than anything is to get out of this place.


3. Chapter 3

*Louis' P.O.V.*

I'm worried about Stella. She hasn't  said a thing since we brought her to our house. Not that I've actually heard her speak at all. I just assume that she's a very shy girl and maybe it has something to do with Miss. Harriette. Speaking of Miss. Harriette, once we got home safely I left to goto child services to report her for child abuse. They said that they would send someone down there to check it out and get the other kids away from her if they found proof. That took some of the worrying away. While I was there I managed to get some information about Stella, like her birthday, parents and some other basic things. When I got home, I walked into the living room where the girls were. I saw that Eleanor had bandaged up Stella's cheeck and Stella smiling from ear to ear while playing with Loki. She was adorable. How could anyone do such terrible things to Stella?

I sat down beside Eleanor on the couch. "What are we going to do?" I asked. "I don't know but she's starting to grow on me." Eleanor replied. We looked at eachother with the same idea. "We will be right back." I told Stella as I dragged Eleanor into the kitchen. I made sure the door was closed before I began. "She's only 15. Living on her own would be not nearly suitable." I started. "You are right. I think we should let her live with us until she gets her life figured out." She replied. I smiled and replied "I think so to babe. I think the boys would like to meet her to. But not too soon. We need to let her get comfortable with us here first." "Definitely, we don't want to overwhelm her. I will go show her to the guest room and get her things put away. Dani and Liam should be here soon to pick up Loki so be ready love." She said and left. I grabbed an apple from the basket on the counter and bit into it. I heard the girls go upstairs followed by little paws. I went out into the foyer and called Loki back. He darted over to me and begged for my apple. I quickly finished it and through it in the garbage and hooked the leash onto Loki's collar. Just as I was packing up Loki's toys, the doorbell rang. I ran to the door to see Liam standing behind it. I called for him to come in and rushed to finish packing up. "Hello!" Liam sang while walking through the door. "Hey lad, I'm in here!" I replied. "You 'right mate?" I asked as he walked over to where I was. "Great! What 'bout you?" He questioned in reply. "Buzzing." I said a little quietly. "Oh really. And why is that?" He asked curiously. "I have my reasons that you do not need to know about." I said starting a bit of banter. "Ok." he sounded like he still wanted to know and he intended to. "You'll find out in time." I stood up and handed Liam the bag with all of Loki's things in it and led him to the door where Loki was still sitting there patiently. "Well thanks mate!" Liam said walking out the door. "Anytime!" I  called after him.

*Stella's P.O.V.*

I can't believe they are letting me stay with them in their humungous, beautiful house. I didn't even think that there were people left in the world as nice and as caring as Louis and Eleanor. Maybe I'll even get to go back to school! Nevermind, I better not get my hopes up for too many things. I've made that mistake before.

After Eleanor and I had finished unpacking my things, which weren't very many, into my new room, Eleanor gave me tour of their estate. They were mostly just spare rooms upstairs. On the main level was the kitchen, dining room, living room and lounge. In the backyard they had a giant infinity pool with a beautiful garden full of all kinds of flowers and bushes. What I liked most about the house was downstairs. They had a home theatre and what seemed like every movie and video game but I didn't know anything about that type of stuff. There was a room downstairs that was almost completely empty, except for a pure white grand piano. When I came across that I just stood there in awe. I wanted to play it's gorgeous ivory keys so bad, but I didn't want to ruin their ears like Miss. Harriette said I did her's. After a minute or so we moved on. There was only a few more rooms but after that we were done and we went upstairs to relax in the lounge. We saw Louis asleep on the big couch with the TV on. I sat down on the chair and started to watch the tele trying not to make it too loud that it would wake up Louis. I expected Eleanor to had sat down on the love seat but she wasn't there. A few minutes later, she came in from the back with a big bucket of water. She walked over to Louis. "This is the kind of thing we do here if you are the first to fall asleep." She whispered to me before letting the ice cold water run onto Louis' body. He was obviously startled and quickly stood up shaking and wide awake. He wasn't mad though which I found wierd. "Oh ok, so this is how it's gonna be." He said between shivers. He approached Eleanor and attempted to give her hug. Right before he enclosed his arms she ran away screaming. Before he went chasing after her, he turned to me and asked "Did you have anything to do with this?" I quickly shook my head as I knew what I had coming if I took credit for it. Then he bolted off. I have a good feeling I'm gonna like it here.

*Two days later*

I LOVE it here! We've had so much fun! Eleanor took me shopping to get a complete new wardrobe. I've never gone on a shopping spree before. Well, I've never had enough money to. I finally found out where I had seen Louis before and why he looked so familiar. I've seen him everywhere! He's part of a world reknown boy band! I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I am probably living almost every teenage girls dream. I don't think I deserve it though. It almost seems too good to be true. I better enjoy it while it lasts.

I've already gone for a dip in the pool today. I haven't gone swimming since I was 10 so I'm that good of swimmer but in most places in the pool I can touch the bottom. Tonight we are going out for dinner. Louis is taking us somewhere and said to dress fancy. I had a quick shower and slipped on a strapless light blue dress that went down to my knees. Eleanor came in to help me because I'm not caught up on the accessorizing or hair/makeup subjects yet. She glady came to my rescue. She picked out a black belt and purse. Next she curled my hair and pinned it over my right shoulder and put a black headband with a flower on it onto my head. For makeup she applied some mascara, foundation, light colored lipgloss and very little blue eye shadow on my face. She also painted my nails light blue to match my dress and handed me a pair of black flats. I was ready to go! I waited for her to finish up to go downstairs. When she came back she was wearing a long red dress with a black ribbon around the waist. Her hair was in a neat low bun with lace intertwined in it. She looked gorgeous! She grabbed my hand and walked down the stairs to find Louis waiting by the door for us. When he heard us coming his head popped up from fixing his tie and stared in disbelief at us. "You two ladies look amazing!" He complimented. "Why thank you babe." Eleanor said while pecking him on the cheek. "Why you're quite welcome love!" Louis replied opening the door for us. We all got into the car with Louis in the driver's seat, Eleanor in the passenger and me in the the back. When we got there, the restaurant was practically deserted except for four other cars. What is this all about.

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