One Direction Love

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9. Chapter 9 (First one in a while)


"What's up?"I asked worried

"Nothing" He drifted off.

"Haz.. Tell me. What's wrong?"

"Nothing I just thought that i rushed you into doing something you didn't want to. You now.. Last night. And this morning when i asked you to be my girlfriend." I stood there. Looking at him. No words coming out of my mouth. What? I thought you liked it last night? That's what you said. 

"Wait, you mean you wanna break up?" I felt like someone ripped my heart out of my body and cut it into pieces. Tiny pieces. He just stred at me, nothing. Just stared. 

"Just tell me.." I said as i felt tears coming.


"Forget it." I opened the door and rushed downstairs, took  my hoodie and my coffee and went outside. It was freezing but i didn't want to go back inside. I heard the door open and turned around and saw Lou standing there. 

"Hey" He said. I just looked at him and smiled

"You okay?" 

"Not really"

"What's up?"

Just then I saw Harry talking on the phone so I went inside and kinda like went to the kitchen to put my cup in the sink when I overheard his conversation. 

"Yes.. Tay, yeh i'll be there don't worry. I promise. I love you too Taylor"

Taylor? I love you too? 

He came into the kitchen and i was just standing there looking at him.

"You heard everything didn't you?" He asked and was looking at me with a look as if saying 'Sorry i didn't mean to hurt you'. I nodded and walked out of the kitchen. Out of the living room and up the stairs. I opened my window and called Louis who was still outside waiting for me. 

"Lou? Can you come up for a minute please? I need your help of reaching something my mum put up high" I yelled from the window.

"Sure. I'll be up in a minute" He looked at me and smiled.

Five minutes went by and no Louis anywhere. I went to the top of the stairs and yelled 

"Can someone come help me please?"

Harry came running up and i showed him what to get me. 

"Why do you want this?"

"Cause i wanna have a shower and you know girlie things" 

He nodded and walked away. I put the water on and let it fill the bath tub. I locked the door and stripped and got in the bath. I took it with me, I broke it and held it.. I looked at it and I asked myself if I was sure of what I was doing. I just looked at it and looked at it until i finally decided to do it! It was cold, it stung bad but i didn't care.. I was hurt, and I was an emotional wreck.  I threw my head back and hit it on the bath.. I screamed because it actually hurt.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs when i realised i wasn't alone. 

*knock* *knock* 

"Ellie?" Who was that? Zayn..

"Are you okay?" Liam.

"Yes I'm fine!"

"But you screamed.." Harry

"I said i'm fine... No if you don't mind.."

I heard footsteps going down the stairs again. I quickly got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and unlocked the door and bent down to get some plasters and bandages. I went to my room and to my surprise Louis was sitting on my bed.. I cleared my throat and he looked up at me.

"I know what u wanted that's why I didn't come up."

"I wanted the razors to shave. Nothing else"

"Oh yeahh?"

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