One Direction Love

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8. Chapter 8 ("Pancakes?")

*Next morning*

Ellie's P.O.V

I woke up to find my self sleeping next to him. Next to the boy i only know for like two days but i'm so in love with him. I watched him sleep for some minutes when his eyes started to play. I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep when i heard him moan. He kissed me and i started to kiss back. We started to make out and i pulled away. 

"Good morning" i whispered

"Morning" he said

We kissed again. Man i love him.

"I loved last night" He whispered

I nodded "Me too."

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

I smiled..

Harry's P.O.V

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I really wanted her to say yes.

She smiled. Did i fuck up? Was it too soon.

"Of curse i will"

I smiled and kissed her again. She kissed back.

"Come on lets make you breakfast"She said to me

"Ok lets go" We got up and she put my t-shirt i was wearing last night.

"It suits you" I said to her. She laughed.

"Ohh shus! Pancakes?" She asked

"Sure" I said

We walked downstairs.. I can't stop staring at her.. She is so beautiful. We walk to the kitchen and in the living room, we saw the lads laying there, on the floor sleeping. We just stood there..Looking at them.. Ellie walked over to them and pushed past them to get some blankets to give to them. No movement what so ever. She covered them up and walked back towards me.

"Pancakes?" She said

"C'mon" I whispered and took her by the waist.

Ellie's POV

He took me by the waist and i turned around. 

"You've got a little something.." he rubbed the part under my eye and i ran to the bathroom. i look in  the mirror and makeup everywhere. Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow. Everywhere. I got my makeup remover and washed my face. I ran back to Harry and he already had everything he needed. 

"You got everything?" I asked him.

He nodded and I wrapped my arms around his waist and kisses his cheek. 

He smiled..

"Need any help?" I whispered into his ear and kissed it

He turned around and kissed me. It was soft and warm. our lips moved in sync and were a perfect match. 

"MMMM GET A ROOM" Lou yelled from the living room

I laughed and kissed him one more time. He turned around and continued making pancakes. I walked over to Lou and gave him a good morning kiss on the cheek and about a minute a later I heard Niall say "I smell pancakes." I went over to him and gave him a morning kiss on the cheek aswell and said "Morning. And yes, Harry's making them C'mon" We walked over to the kitchen. 

"Will you guys be ok if me and Ellie go up to her room for a little while?" Harry asked the boys

Lou grinned. "Didn't you get enough of her last night?" I blushed and looked at Harry

"Nope" He looked back at me and then at Lou. 

"TRY NOT TO BREAK THE HOUSE" I yelled from the top of the stairs. I heard them laugh and went to  my room to tidy it up a bit. *knock knock* "Come in" I said as i looked towards the door. There stands the boy/man i loved, my entire world.."Hey" "Hey" I said. He was just beautiful. He walked towards me. "What's up?" 

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