One Direction Love

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6. Chapter 6(Fun Day with the Lads)

Ellie's P.O.V

When the lads came over we started to clean, Louis and Zayn got the living room which was the messiest, Liam and Niall got the kitchen and me and harry got upstairs. When i gave the boys clothes and instructions where to put the stuff and what to clean me and Harry went upstairs. 



"Can you pass me the cloth please?"

He threw it at me and it hit me in the face. He started laughing until i threw it back at him. 

"That's not fair! when i threw it it was an accident."

"Oh stop crying like a baby Styles"

"He came up behind me and before i knew it i was on the floor with him on top of me tickling me. 

"Ha..Har..Harry.. Stopppp.. Pleaseeee." He eventually stoped but held my hands down on top of my head and stared into my eyes. 

"You're beautiful" He said. I blushed and I could feel my cheeks going red as he leaned in to kiss me. 

Harry's P.O.V

"HARRY??... ELLIE???.. WE'RE DONE DOWN HERE DO YOU WANT SOM EHELP UP THERE?" Louis yelled from downstairs. 

"No Lou. We're done too, will be down in 2 minutes."I yelled

"Okay" he yelled back. Man i just wanted to kiss her so bad. Her lips were like the perfect pink colour and her eyes shining like the stars. I wanted her to be mine forever. 

She shook me out of my daydream when she hit my arm playfully. 

"Aoww! That hurt.." I teased her

"I'm sorry Hazz."

"It's okay" I smiled at her and she smiled at me

"Lets go down yeah?" She said as i got up from on top of her. 

I put my hand out so she can take it and get up and she did! I smiled and grabbed her by the waist to help her up.

"Thanks" She said.

"I'll race ya down."

"You know i'll win Hazza!"

"You're on Beautiful"

I forgot she was an athlete and she was fast! Shit she won! yep i got beaten by a girl.

never mind tho.! next time i'll squish her.


Ellie's P.O.V.

When we went downstairs the other boys were sitting on the sofa. They place was spotless. 

"Aww thank you guys for helping me!" i went around and hugged each one of them and then Niall finally said "Hey guys is anyone else hungry?" "Yeah I'm a bit hungry" i said and we all agreed to Nando's and a movie. I went thru my grandads movies and i found SAW. Not a big fan of scary movies but it was worth it. I put the movie on and sat on the couch. Me and Harry snuggled up on one couch, Louis, Niall and Zayn one the other one and Liam on the other one and we started watching the movie.

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