One Direction Love

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4. Chapter 4(The Call)

Ellie's P.O.V.

Ok like seriously. Harry Styles? This can't be happening. I rushed home and went straight to the bathroom to have a shower. I washed my hair and the rest of me and i got out. i went over to the towel rack that was int he bathroom and grabbed a towel. I wrapped it around me and wen t to my bedroomI got my orange stripped top and some leggings and put them on. I dried my hair and then put it into a french brade. I put my really big stuffy slippers on and walked downstairs with a huge smile on my face. Everyone was sitting and chatting away when my mum noticed me smiling. 

"Ellie? Are you okay sweety?"

"Yep mum! Never been better"

"You're a weird kid i'm telling ya"

"You just dont know what happened that's why"

"What happened?"

I singed her to come ver to the kitchen so we could talk and she got up and came over. 

"So why are you so happy?" She asked 

"Well, First cause we're in England, and second. Look who we found in the street while running with Lexi" I showed her the picture. My mum knew i had a crush on Harry so she was exited. "I was about to walk away and come home when he called my name and asked for my number"

"So he has your number now? That's great."

"I know and he said he would text me later, cause he'd love to see me again"

"Oooo Ellie and Harry sitting in a tree..."

"Don't start mum.."

"Okay I'm sorry!" She smiled 

"So how is he? Is he as tall as you though? And what about his eyes?"

She started! Yep can't get out of this one!

"Mum, mum, slow down! Yeah he is gorgeous and just amazing. His eyes are as green as the trees and his smile OMG his smile.."

"Ellie's in love" My Grandad and Lexi yell from the living room

"ohh shhus" i yell

We all laugh and i start to make a cup of tea. 

"Does anyone want a cup of tea?"

"MEEE" they all yell.

"Ok. Mum could u help me please?"

"Yeah sure sweety"


We make the tea's and we all sit down to chill out a bit

We were watching EastEnders. My God i hate this sitcom. I was just about to fall asleep when my phone went off. It was playing "Kiss you" by One Direction. I look at the caller ID and it's an unknown so i pick up. "Hello?" "Hey Ellie. It's Harry, I've lost my phone so i couldn't ring you from mine. "

"Oh hey Harry" when i said Harry everybody looked at me and smiled "Hang on" I said as I  got up to leave the room. I went into the kitchen and started talking "So who's phone is this?" 

"Oh it's Louis's, yeah he told me to call you from here so you can have his number too!"

"Ohh! Okay. So um you called!"

"Yeah um i wanted to ask you something"

My heart skipped a beat when he said that he wanted to ask me something. 

"yeah sure what is it?"

"what are you doing Saturday?"

"Um i dont know yet why?"

"Liam is throwing a surprise Birthday Party for his girlfriend Danielle and i though since everyone has dates maybe you would like to come and meet the rest of the boys"

"Umm yeah sure. Hang on." i cover the phone and call my mum over to the kitchen. 

"Mum it's Harry.."

"Yeah i figured that out by the stupid smile on your face"

"Shhh he can hear you" I heard giggles on the other end of the phone

"So anyway he asked me if i want to go to a party on Saturday. It's Danielle's surpirise party and Liam's throwing it for her and he wants me to go with him. Please can I go? Please please please?"

"Ok but don't drink too much or stay out late"

"Ok thank you mum" I hug her and get back to Harry. 

"Hey are you there?"


"Um my mum said i could come"

"Ok great! I'll pick u up at 7'" 

"Okay can't wait, bye"


We hung up and I put in Louis number. I went to sit down and finish my cup of tea when the questions hit me 

"So sistah? Where's he taking you?"

"To a party!"

"Ooo and what are u gonna wear" my grandad asked

"dont know yet pops"

"Will he kiss you" My mum said

"Oh i'm going to bed this is getting awkward!"

"Goodnight Ellie" they all shouted! 

"Goodnight annoying people that i love very much"

And i went off to bed.

Before i fell asleep i got my phone and put it on charge. i opened a text. It said From: Louis Tomlinson:Hey Ellie! Louis here. Umm yeah just wanted to say hi and cant wait to meet you at the party on Saturday. Night (: x

T smiled at the next and locked my phone. It was too late to answer. I put it on the cabinet next to my bed and fell asleep.

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