One Direction Love

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3. Chapter 3("Heyy Ellie")

"Yes Lou, I'm on my way i'll be there in 20" Louis can be annoying sometimes! He want me to go over to his house cause he couldn't find his wallet.. Typical! I was walking out of my house gates when i heard laughing and footsteps, more like running, and then "BANG" someone run into me! "I'm sorry i didn't see yo there" Her beautiful voice and smile and eyes and.... woah Haz calm down! 

"It's ok love" she smiled. then someone else came up i guess it was her sister or something! Her name was Lexi, cute.. 


Ellie, Cute name also! 

"Yeah Lex?"


 "Do yo know who that is?"

"Umm yeah! An Alien!" 

We both laughed but then Lexi got really serious.

"Ok Lex.. I'm sorry..Yeah i know who it is"

"Good so Harry? Can we take a picture please?

"Yeah sure, cuddle up" I said.. I took her phone since i was the tallest and snapped a picture, then took my phone and snaps one with mine! Lexi when off fangirling around the picture and then came back gave Ellie her phone and disappeared. We smiled at each other and looked into each others eyes and then she said "I should get going! It was nice meeting you. Thanks for the picture!" and she started to walk off.. I like her.. Badly.. i just wanted her number so i could take her out so i thought about it and went for it.. "Hey Ellie?" "Mhm?" "Could i have your number? i would love to see you again" She nodded and smiled. She got her phone out and started typing something. The she gave me her phone and i gave her mine. she put in her phone number and i put in mine. We smiled at each other again and i said " I'll text you later! Bye" And got into my car and drived away. She waved at me and started walking away too.


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