One Direction Love

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2. Chapter 2(Settling in!)

I still can't believe we're in England! 

"Muuuum? Are we going to Granddad for some time?"My little sister asked!

"Yeah babe untill we find a new house" 

Oh btw my granddad lives in Liverpool, yeahh pretty close to Manchester!

*On the train going to Liverpool from London*

"So sistah.. What do you wanna do when we get to Liverpool?"

"Well first of all we're gonna stalk One Direction and then how about some running?"

"Sounds good to me!"

When we finally arrived like 2 hours later we went to my grandads house and staled One Direction for about an hour and then got ready to go run.

"I'll race ya to the end of the road" my sister shouted from ahead! 

"i'll beat ya! i'm faster than you!"

She did the W-E-M-L thing with her hands and starter running. as i was running i bumped into someone! At first i thought i had bumped into Lexi (Yeah my sister) and started laughing, but then i realised that Lexi didn't have any abs or was tall! Then it hit me! It was... Harry Styles! 

"I'm really sorry. I didn't see you there"

"It's okay love" He smiled.

Just then Lexi came up to me..


"yeah Lex?"

"Do u know who that is?"

"Umm yeah. An Alien!"

Me and Harry laughed but Lexi just stared at me serious!

"Ok Lex.. Sorry! yeah i know who it is!"

"Good so Harry? Can we take a picture please?"

"Yeah sure, cuddle up!" He took my phone and we all took a picture together. Then he took his phone out and took one with his. My sister grabbed my phone and started fangirling over the picture and than she gave me it back and started to run back home.. We looked into each others eyes and smiled until i opened my big mouth and said

"Well i guess i should get going! It was nice meeting you. thanks for the picture!" and started to walk away when i heard footsteps behind me.....

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