One Direction Love

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12. Chapter 12(Niall)

"No thanks Ni. Do you want me to make you something to eat?" I asked him as we were walking down the stairs into the living room. "Um how about a sandwich?" He asked really cute.!! "Alright, go chill and ask the boys if they want anything" "Okay" He said. I heard him tell the guys and i heard Harry wanted a sandwich.I was pissed at first but then i calmed down. Everyone was telling me what they wanted so i made them theirs and then Harry came in. He started making his sandwich. "I'll do it for you. I don't mind" I said politely. "It's fine! You've done enough." He said.. I thought he was mad at first but then I thought why was he mad at me for? He's the one who asked me to be his girlfriend in the first place and then i found out that he had another girlfriend. So i'm supposed to be mad at him for lying to me. I chose not to carry on the conversation. He made his sandwich and i was still making cups of tea for the lads. "Do you want a cuppa?" I asked him. "If you don't mind" he answered. I smiled. "Sugar?" i felt like he was in another world. he didn't want to be close to me and i knew that so i made his cup of tea and walked away. I took the lads their cuppa and when i came back for mine he was on the phone. I don't know to who but it was a girl. I just smiled got my cuo and went to the living room..

"Hey Ellie" Zayn said

"Sup?" i answered

"Do u mind if we watch a movie?" 

"No, not at all" I smiled."What are we watching?" I walked over to the couch Niall was sitting on and sat next to him. He smiled at my action. I smiled back!

"how about a scary movie again?" Louis asked.

"I told you i'm not a big fan of scary movies but as long as someone sits next to me i'm fine." I said and looked at Niall and then back at the kitchen door. 

"I'll sit next to you" Niall said. OMG he is so sweet. I really like him. I don't know, but after he sang to me in the bedroom i.. i.. just ind of like him. I don't think anything will happen tho cause you know Harry and all that shit. I smiled at he answer tho. 

"Thanks Ni" I kissed his cheek. OMG did he blush? Aww that's so cute.


I heard my phone go off in the middle of the movie while i was sitting next to Niall. I whispered in his ear "My phone's ringing, I'll be right back" and kissed his cheek again. 

As i was walking up the stairs i heard something so i turned around. There was nothing. i walked up and got my phone but i missed the call. I looked at the screen. 2 missed calls from my ex Chris and 1 from my mum.  I dialled mum's number and just as it rang she picked up. 

"Hey baby girl. What are you doing?" 

"Hi mommy. I'm okay. Just watching a film with the guys." Just then i felt strong arms wrapping around my waist. I smiled as i thought it was Niall. 

"Okay baby girl We'll be back tomorrow and me and Lexi have to go back to Cyprus for a couple of week and Granddad wants to come. Do you wanna come with or stay? I thought about Niall and Louis and Liam and Zayn and Harry. 

"I'm gonna stay mommy. I'm sure the boys will look after me! I smiled and i heard her laugh. 

"Okay sweety love you and be good"

"Love you too see you tomorrow and you know i'm always good! I smiled and send her a kiss and hung up. 

I smiled at the thought that i would have a whole 2 weeks with Niall and the lads. I shut my eyes and asked

"Did u hear the whole conversation?"

"mhm" he said as i turned around. 

When i did and opened my eyes it wasn't who i expected it to be.  The smile whipped of my face like a eraser had erased it and I spoke 

"Hey. I didn't expect it to be you."

"Niall?" He questioned 

"Wha..What? No" I lied

"You are so hot when you act cute" I gasped as he turned me around and started kissing my neck. I shut my eyes. 

He stopped kissing my neck and i turned around I saw Harry looking at me from head to toe. I pushed himaway and took my phone with me.

"Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?"

"Cause i wanted you so bad i thought if i told you you wouldn't want to be with me."He said

"Bull Harry! You want us both. But you can't have me so go away and leave me alone.

I walked down the stairs and sat next to Niall. who was sleeping. Bless i thought. He woke up and saw me and smied.

"Hey! Who was at the phone?"

"Mum!" I told him and smiled

"when are they coming home?" 

"Tomorrow and they're going back to Cyprus for a couple of weeks." 

"What about you?" He asked me and looked kind of sad

"I'm staying. I thought that you could look after me!" 

"I would love to look after you princess" he smiled and put an arm around me! How can u not love him!! He's just so adorable.


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