One Direction Love

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1. Chapter 1 (The begging)


But mum please! I hate it over here"

"Ellie come on hun you know we can't. All of our family is over here''


"No buts..Enough. And plus do you really want to go over there and have your dad find out? Then what will u do?"

"I don't care about him..Honestly i'm tired of all this" 

Oh yeah Hi! I'm Ellie and I'm 16 years old. I'm about 1.67 high and i have long brown hair with little strips of purple underneath.  Since like two years ago, i dreamed of moving to England. Because obviously i'm fed up with all the shit that's going on in my life and i just hate it.

"Ok Ellie. Fine but dont tell me that u wanna come back when u don't like it, cause of your dad'

Oh didn't i tell you, yeah my father is an idiot.. He left when i was 3 years old and my sister was just born so yeah my mum had to raise us by her self.

"So is that a yes?"

"Yeah! I'll try find flights for the end of them month"

"Yayyy thanks mum! you're the best"

"Well i try hun." 

YES! Finally!

My dream is coming true! One down, one to go!

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