The Mrs. Lunde dream

This is banana love10 here and not wikid dinosaur rawr kid. This is another dream I had and its about my reading teacher Mrs. Lunde.
Enjoy Banana love10


1. Mrs Lunde dream

      I was flying the galaxies( more like a playground sized galaxy) with my friends and Mrs. Lunde. We landed on what looked like colorful yogurt place. We had to draw a ton of faces on tape them on the playground stuff. We had to go to the airport because my parents came back from Australia. They gave me an alligator mask. Then Mrs. Lunde was watching like the 'Super Bowl' witch was a guy with fake abs wearing boxing stuff. Then we had to go to the Rocky Mountains (U.S.A) We were there and I said "why are we here?" "Because the super bowl players houses blew up and we have to save them!" "Why is this our problem?" "Because we have to save them charlie!" "My names not charlie..." Then i woke up      THE END

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