Night and Day

“This is for girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to music that reminds them of their current situation. Who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls who pray that things will work out just once and they'll be satisfied. The girls who sceam and cry to their pillows because everyone else fails to listen. The girls who have so many secrets but wont tell a soul. The girls who have mistakes and regrets as a daily moral. The girls that never win. The girls that stay up all night thinking about that one boy and hoping that he'll notice her one day. The girls who take life as it comes, to the girls who are hoping that it'll get better somewhere down the road. For the girls who love with all their heart although it always gets broken. To girls who think it's over. To real girls, to all girls: You're beautiful.”


1. Night

I immediately spotted my group of friends in the crowded room. The party was getting more and more crowded to every minute there was. Teenagers drunk, people smoking, intoxicated teenagers everywhere. I had finally relaxed, as I watched all the teenagers ruining their lives. It was then when I noticed the rather more attractive teenager strolling through the door with a bunch of other lads. As he cheeky smile lighted up my face turned into a more of a sexy smile with his bottom lip just touching his top.




My eyes revealed shy as I looked down onto the floor. I was in the middle of staring into space when someone nudged my arm. Her hair was a rich shade of mahogany. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright, emerald-green and seemed to brighten the world. A straight nose, full lips which was full of beauty. "You were staring off into space, I see you like that boy, that's Niall Horan, and he's the most nicest person I have ever met". She waved to him, as he made his way through the immature teenagers and greeted me.




My lips revealed a shy smile as he shaked my hand. My pulse could be heard in my ears, as it was so loud, my mouth becoming dry as grape. I stood frozen to the spot as the intimidating height of a male shadowed over me. My nervous eyes travelled up the length of his body, my fingers clutching round my bag a little tighter. His brown skinny jeans clung perfectly to his muscular legs, a white t shirt adorning his torso line. He gave all of us a happy smile and winked at me. I tried to control my breathing, How did I end up like this? I was drooling over a boy. I fell in love. I fell in love with a boy who was everything but I have never met him, I closed my eyes trying to get my mind of him and the first thing I saw when my eyes fluttered open was his light blond hair next to him. He sighed sleepily, reaching over and wrapping his arm around me burying his face in my hair and inhaling. He paused, blinking a few times, before slowly pulling back. "Hi, I am Niall Horan who is this pretty girl?" he spoke with his husky voice. I stayed silent as I rubbed my hands over my face slowly. My hands tremble down my leg as he hovers over me. "I'm nervous," I whisper shakily as my eyes met the girls next to me, I smile, "I am Eleanor, nice to meet you" I said as I looked down on the floor "Are you enjoying the party?" He said smiling wrapping his arms around his legs. "Yeah, it's good thank you apart from the teenagers everywhere, its abet rough" I exclaimed as I pulled back rubbing my hands through the tips of my hair.




"Can we have two people in the centre of the dance floor" I heard the DJ announce as the song had finished. I didn't have time to respond before he tugged me away, the bag I was holding dropping on the dance floor. His hands flinged around my waist. My hand on his chest to stop myself from pressing my head onto it. I look up to see a pair of sparkling blue eyes looking down at me, they were almost a sea colour, framed with brown long lashes that made the world stop because they was shinning so bright. His muscular my arms went down my back. I flinched as I stood silently as he stared into my eyes. His hand lingered trying to find my hand which was placed on his chest. Nialls hot breath trickled my neck as he slid his hands onto mine. The air was gone. Niall pressing the his lips on my neck. I shivered at his kiss. He moved his hands nudging mine to the side to grabe my left hand. His gaze burned down cheeks. My body was getting pulled through the crowd. He elbowed his way through warm bodies, desperately trying to get upstairs. When he reached the room, people were animatedly chatting and laughing, completely oblivious to what had taken place a matter of seconds ago. I instantly remember my moves, I touched the spot on my neck again, where i was kissed and smiled . Niall stared back looking at me, with a smirk playing on his beautiful lips. I focased on his hands which was titley impacked in mine. As he leaded me into the room, The old mahogany four poster bed rested heavily on the aging, battered bare hardwood floors, which seemed to spontaneously generate dust and spiders. The dried-blood barn paint the landlord had covered the walls with gave the room an eerie quality, as if something terrible had happened there once and needed hiding. What needed hiding, I thought, was that dreadful paint, and someone had made every effort in that direction with artwork, magazine clippings, and movie posters scavenged from local theaters. The chest of drawers sat in front of the only segment of wall that lacked my creative wallpaper.It wasn't the best but it was good enough.




I spun back to nialls face, my mouth parted to comment on the event but quickly shut it, unable to form a good sentence. Niall eventually broke the silence. I went on my intinkts after he kissed me. His hands was romming hair. He tugged on my shirt "No no no I dont think we should be doing this hear" I pleaded, pulling my hand free. my hand still locked around his, again. My body was dripping wet with excitement. He slowly ran a finger over my hair before separating each strand, his tongue slowly tortured my mouth before kissing my forehead. My nose kept bumping his nose, making me jump around my head. I looked at his gnawing the white between his teeth, as he exlamed, coming back up to meet my face. "Now, we are gonna play by my rules alright?" I nodded cautiously. He held my wrists and put them around his neck. My fingers locked along with my legs as he lifted me up.My mouth slowly touch his mouth, "Still mad at me?" he asked, putting his shirt on "Can I be half way?" I asked, resting her head on his shoulder. "No. But I know you mean your not, "Niall said kissing my forehead. "I like your hair," I yawned. "They make your face unique" "You like it?" Niall pouted with a sound I smiled before throwing his arms around me.




Niall was cuddling me, kissing the crook of my neck, with our legs interwined.

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