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3. Orianna and Niall: One step at a time leprechaun

" Don't you worry, don't you worry child. See heaven gotta plan for you" 

The tune from her phone were distracting her from her thinking. Orianna looked at the device and sighed before she answered. 

" Orianna" she said. 

" Hello Ria" Niall laughed usling his nickname for the girl. 

" Hey Ni, what's up?" Orianna dragged a and trough her short brown hair. 

" The roof" She could hear Louis shout in the background. 

" Am I on speaker?" She asked. 

" Oh yes, sorry" Niall was quiet for awhile. 

" So now there shouldn't be any more of Louis bad jokes" Niall said. 

Orianna laughed and caused a hole in her already ripped jeans. She had been dragging a bit in the little hole before but now it was bigger.

" Anyways, what do you want?" Orianna asked. 

" Ehm just wondered if you want to do something today" Niall sounded a bit shy. 

" Sure, what did you have in mind?" 

" Maybe eating lunch togheter and watch a movie" 

Orianna laughed.  She got up and started to spin on one of the wheels of her skateboard. 

" That sounds more like a date man" she said. 

" Ehm well, if you want it to be a date then...." Niall trailed off. 

Orianna raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. Niall had never been this nervous ever. She had known him since they were still in diapers. 

" Let's meet in the park in 15 minutes" She said. 

" Oh okey" Niall said. 

They ended the call and Orianna grabbed her skateboard and went outside. She was in the park in no time and started to look around for Niall. She spotted him and walked up to the boy. 

" Hey Buddy" She said with a smile. 

" Hey" Niall hugged her  

" Shall we?" She asked. 

They started walking to a resturant. After some minutes they got seated and they had orderd drinks. 

" So what made you aske me today?" Orianna asked. 

" I had a boost of courage" Niall said. 

" It's just a lunch between friends, I ask you out on these things like this all the time" Orianna pushed her straight bangs away from her eyes. 

" Oh yeah right, friends" Niall sighed. 

" You don't want to be my friend?" She asked 

" Of course it's just..." He trailed off again.

" What?" Orianna asked. 

 She didn't get a answere because their food came in and Niall started to eat. When they were done they got up and paid. The two friends started to walk towards the cinema. When Niall suddenly stopped. Orianna looked at him with a questioning face. 

" I like you" Niall said 

" I like you too now come on or we will miss the movie" Orianna said. 

" Not like a friend Ria" he said. 

She forrowed her eyebrows. 

" What are you getting at? I don't follow" Orianna was confused. 

Niall took a big breath and stepped closer to her. He bit his lip and took her hand and dragged her closer. Niall pressed his lips on hers hesitantly. Orianna's eyes widden. Niall took a step away. 

" I like you" he said again. 

 Orianna touched her lips. 

" That's not like. That's love" She whispered.

 Niall dragged a hand trough his blonde hair. Orianna stepped up to Niall and packed his cheek. 

" One step at a time leprechaun" She laughed. 

Niall hugged her and kisses her forehead. 


A/N: I hope you like it even if it's kinda short :3

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