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2. Nathalie and Liam: Trust

"But you said that it would be better like this?" Melody pushed her blond bangs from her crystal blue eyes.

She looked at her friend who slowly looked up at her as if Shell has grown another head.


Melody was a wonderful friend, but sometimes it took some time for her to put it all together. Nathalie sighed tiredly. 

"I don't know what is best. I mean I love him but I don't know if I can trust him because he is away so much, almost all the time, who knows what will happen when they're on tour" Nathalie pulled a hand through her reddish-brown hair and tried to dismantle the curls  that always tangled together.

"But you have to trust him, otherwise you just have to follow his trips" Melody looked at her friend as if it easiest thing in the world.

"Try to get along with him, not just for the your sake but for the rest of us too. Then you need to start to trust people little more, Nat"

Nathalie bit her lip before she nodded and stretched to reach her mobile. She hesitated a bit but Melody smiled at her and Nathalie took  the courage and pressed in the familiar number to Liam. While the beeps continued to sound in her ear, her chestnut-colored eyes flew around the room.

"Liam" a voice was heard on the other side of the handset.

"Um hey Liam, we can be meet today and uhm talk." Nathalie stammered out the sentence and gave herself a mental slap, because she sounded so childish.

"Sure, where?" Liam seemed glad that they were to meet.

Nathalie shook her head to forget the idea. Liam Payne, happy to see her after all they went through.

"In the park, at 2 " Nathalie sounded puzzled.

"Sounds good, see you at the fountain Nat" Liam laughed.

"Mm, good bye," she said softly.

With a quick goodbye from Liam she ended the call. 

"Well?" Melody looked curiously at her.

"I'll give it a chance " Nathalie stuck out her tongue at Melody.

She got up and left the café after she said goodbye to Melody. She hurried home.

 When Nathalie came home she jumped into the shower. She stepped out after a while and dried her hair with a hair dryer. She managed to make a braid that looked not too tight and not too loose. When she was satisfied She did a light make up and went to her closet. Nathalie pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt that read "Walk with me, talk with me, Follow your heart '. She looked herself over in the mirror and smiled, pleased with style.

The  time was now 13:30 and Nathalie went to the hall and pulled on her shoes and took her mobile. She decided to go to the park. It was not too far to walk and it was pretty good weather outside. Nathalie started walking  and ten minutes later she was in the park. She found her way to the fountain that Liam decided that they would meet at.

It was here that they first met. That was six months ago. Nathalie smiled at the memory. Liam had been in the park to shoot a music video or something like that and Nathalie sat at the fountain and was just about to get up when someone happened to push her so she lost balance and fell in. Liam helped her up and took her to the trailer to change clothes on her. She still had that shirt that she borrowed that day.

Nathalie awoke from her memory when she heard someone calling her name. She looked up and saw Liam coming up to her. He hugged her and Nathalie hugged back but it was an emotionless hug.

"So what did you want to talk about?"  Liam asked.

"Us" Nathalie sat down and so did Liam.

"How do you mean?" he asked.

"Well I'm ashamed of how I acted when we broke up," said Nathalie and looked down at her hands. "I didn't trust you, I was afraid you were going to find someone better, prettier" 

"Why didn't you say that?" Liam put a finger under her chin and made her look at him.

"I was afraid you would be angry because I didn't trust you," Nathalie whispered.

Liam moved closer to her.

"I would never get mad at you," he said.

"So you didn't get angry when I called you a cheater?"  Nathalie asked. 

"Annoyed and hurt but never angry, I can never get mad at you, "Liam stroked her cheek softly.

" Why not? "Nathalie looked at him uncomprehendingly.

Liam smiled and leaned closer, his hand slipped back towards her neck, where he kept it and pressed gently so Nathalie leaned forward. Liam caught her lips with his. Nathalie moved closer to Liam and grabbed his shirt. She had missed this. To just kiss him without any worries, to be in his arms again, to feel his warmth.

"I love you" Liam whispered when he broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against hers.

"I have never stopped loving you, from the first moment when you fell into the fountain" Liam laughed. Nathalie could not help it, hos Leigh was contangeus so she laughed too.  

"I've loved you since our first movie night" shewhispered and kissed him.

"Everything is all right now?" Liam asked.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Nathalie asked. 

"Will you trust me in the future." Liam looked at her.

"To 100 percent" She answered. 

I hope you like it :3 

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