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4. Mayte and Niall: Finding her boy.

It was just a normal day in school....who am I kidding? It was valentines day and it was LOVE in the air. Mayte looked at her books in her arms so she wouldn't have to witness all the love around her. She didn't hate love it was just that her boyfriend weren't around. He wasn't going to her school. He wasn't going to school, simpel as that. He was working, touring. Yeah Mayte's boyfriend is Niall Horan, 1/5 of the boy band One direction. Now back to the school were love was every were. Mayte thought her lunch would come up when she saw all the sweet things people got and were giving. Her first valentines day with Niall and he isn't even around. Mayte sighed and pushed her glasses up her nose.

Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned around her brown hair almost hitting the person in the face. She smiled apologetic. Bree sighed and rolled her eyes.

" Where did  we meet for the first time?" She read from a piece of paper.

Mayte looked confused.

" It's signed Mr.H" Bree said.

Mayte laughed at the nickname she had given her boy before he left two months ago. The brown haired girl bit her lip when she thought long and hard on were they had meet before her eyes lit up and she started walking. Bree tagged along togheter with two boys, Darren and Chris. Darren being Mayte's brother and Chris his best friend so Mayte didn't think so much about it. The boys were recording her, that made her a bit uncomfortable but she didn't say anything.

Mayte walked out of the school and to the park across the street. She found the bench were Niall had accidently pushed her so she dropped her ice cream. Mayte smiled at the memory before she noticed a boy sitting on the bench holding a white paper. It was Walter, Mayte's childhood friend.

" So you made it! Let Walter give you the ice cream and enjoy it before you continue to the place were we had our first date" Walter read and handed her the said ice cream.

Mayte laughed and licked the ice cream while thinking on which place it were that their first date took place. She got it and started walking further into the park. Walter came along with the small group of people. They reached the first Nando's resturant in the park and Mayte smiled when she noticed Sarah standing there with a note.

" Nando's is the best right! Glad you made it, now onto were we first kissed" Sarah read and gave Mayte a red rose.

Mayte looked at the flower thinking before walking away. The group of five following her. She went out of the park and to her house, laying on the opposite side of the park. She climbed over the fench and ran to the backyard, under the tree stood Ameiy. She smiled.

" Almost done! Find you way back to school and then up to your favorite class" She read giving Mayte a brush.

Mayte laughed and started running back to school and up the stairs to the art class were her teacher stood amiling at her.

" Not so hard for you to find it huh? Unlike someone else. Now after this one I think you will find Mr. H, just remember were we got togheter" the teacher read.

Mayte's eyes widden and she thought long and hard about it before she laughed and remembered were it was. She started walking and once again made her way out of the school buildning and down to the mall. She guided her way through people and found the place. It was in the center of the mall were a round pillar made it's way up to the roof, water were sliding down the pillar that had heart projected on it. Mayte saw Niall standing near the pillar with a guitar in hand.

" You'll never love yourself

Half as much as I love you.

You'll never treat yourself right, darlin'

But I want you to,

If I let you know, I'm here for you

Maybe you'll love yourself

Like I love you"

He sang while playing guitar. Mayte laughed and blushed when she noticed people looking their way. Niall put down his guitar and hugged her close. She buried her face in the crock of his neck inhailing the scent. God she had missed him so much.

" Happy valentines day sweetcheeks" Niall said, his irish accent prominent in his voice.

Mayte laughed.

" Happy valentines day Mr. H" she said.

They shared a kiss. people were cooing at them which made Mayte blush even more and Niall laughed.

" I' ve missed you" he whispered

" Missed you too love, more then you can imagine" she whispered back.


A/N: I' so sorry that you had to wait! My computer kinda gave up for a week but now it's back and running just fine :3 So I hope you like it ^^

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