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5. Mariah and Liam: Family

" Please dad tell us how did you and mommy meet" a girl whined.

The man laughed and sat the girl in his lap. He brushed trough her brown curly hair with his fingers.

" Well it was in the café, your mom were working late when me and the lads came in for a coffee. We had orderd and she brought our drinks to us. She slipped a note to me when she'd put my cup down, winking at me. Later taht night I texted her and we continued to text and talk until I meet her again and I knew that she was the one" Liam smiled and leaned back in the couch getting more comfortabled when his son grawled closer to his father sitting down on his other leg shich wasn't occupied by his sister.

" Continue" Maya demanded her brown eyes staring at him.

Liam laughed but did as his daughter told him to.

" We started going out and one day it just clicked, we kissed and knew that this were the person tha we were meant to be with. I was lucky because I found her. Or else I wouldn't have you two" Liam hugged his kids.

" What are you talking about?" Mariah looked at her family from the doorway.

" MOMMY!" The kids shouted and run up to their mom.

The brown haired girl smiled and kneeled to hug her 4 year old and 2 year old. Liam got up and kissed his wife.

" Just telling them how we meet" He said.

Mariah laughed.

" Ah" she exclamied.

" Better get to bed kids" Liam said looking down at their children. Maya pouted and crossed her arms infront of her chest.

" You take Cedric and I take care of Maya" Mariah said.

After an hour the kids were finally asleep and Liam sat down in the couch. Mariah stradled him she flicked her hair of her shoulder. Liam leaned backed and meet his lover's blue eyes. He smiled at her while he caressed her back.

" I love you" he said.

Mariah smiled and leaned in putting her forehead on his. Liam pecked her lips.

" I love you more" she whispered.

Liam dragged his hands through her brown locks. He kissed her bare neck sucking on it lightly.

" Impossible" he mumbled against her warm skin.

" Nuhu, then I have achived the impossible" Mariah whispered seductingly.

Liam laughed and stood up, Mariah wrapped her legs around his hips and locked her hands behind his neck. Liam walked to their bedroom where he put her down and kissed her.  They undressed and crawled under the covers. Liam wrapped his arms around her and bit her neck lightly making Mariah squeeld silently.



A/N: Short I know, sorry! :/ I hope you like it anyway

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