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6. Keyarra and Harry: Small bump

" Liam" the brown haired girl shouted when she stepped into her firend's flat.

" What's up?" Liam asked walking up to Keyarra and hugged her close.

" Me and Harry had a fight" Keyarra mumbled.

Liam looked at her and now he noticed that she had puffy red eyes from crying. He hugged once again and patted her head.

" It can't have been so bad, Harry can't be mad at you" Liam reasured.

Keyarra felt the hot tears on her cheeks again. She closed her dark eyes and breathed out slowly.

" This time it was different Li" she whispered.

" What do you mean?" Liam was confused.

Keyarra and Harry had been going out for one year and they had had small fights but nothing serious. Liam brough Keyarra to the living room and sat her down on the couch.

" What happened?" Liam asked sitting down beside her.

" Ehm, I got home from work and it all just kind exploded, from nowhere. I ran here because I didn't know what to do" Keyarra bit her lip to prevent herself from crying.

" So Harry is still in your flat?" Liam asked.

" He is kinda shoked" Keyarra mumbled.

" Why?" Liam raised an eyebrow.

" Ehm I screamd at him that he would never get to see his baby" Keyarra looked down at her hands which made their way to her stomach.

Liam's eyes widden.

" Are you?" He pointed at the belly.

Keyarra nodded and she started crying again.

" He won't ever talk to me again"

" Of course he will, come on we will go over there right now" Liam said and grabbed her hand.

They walked over to the couple's shared flat and got in. Harry was sitting on the couch with a empty look in his green eyes. Liam walked over to his friend.

" Hey buddy, how are you?" he asked softly.

" Keyarra said that I would never see my child" Harry said in a monotone voice.

Liam sat down beside the curly haired and patted his back.

" Why did she say that?" Liam asked

" We fought and I called her stupid names because I thought she was cheating on me. She were always on her phone texting and stuff. " Harry closed his eyes and rested his head in his hands.

" I was so stupid" he mumbled.

Liam looked over at Keyarra that stood in the doorway. She walked over to her boyfriend and sat down.

" I'm sorry" she whispered in his ear.

Harry's head shot up and he looked at Keyarra.

" I was texting the doctor to see if everything was okey with the baby" She explained.

" Why didn't you say so?" Harry asked.

" You didn't give me the time to and a pregnant woman and her hormons" Keyarra smiled unsure of what was going to happen.

Harry smiled at her and hugged her tight.

" I'm sorry that I just exploded" He said resting his head in the crook of her neck,

" It's okey" Keyarra patted his back.

Liam took that as his que to leave the two to themselves. He snook out and smiled for himself and walked home.

" So do you know which gender it is?" Harry asked while putting a hand on her stomach.

Keyarra laughed.

" No, I want to find that out togheter with you" She smiled.

Harry kissed her passionetly.


A/N: Kinda short I know but I hop you like it ^^

For the rest of you who have comentetd please tell me what kind of genre you want :)

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