love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


11. where are they!

they grabbed me and started to pull me! "who are you get off me!" i screamed "shh its ok its only me Zayn!" i breathed a sigh of relief "what are you doing in the storm?!" i shouted "looking for you!" he said "why?" i replied "when you went we released that we were gonna get hit hard by a storm so we came out looking for you guys!" "where are they wheres my mum and Lia!" i shouted "im sorry i don't know i think niall and Louis went looking for Lia and harry and liam went looking for your mum i have no idea if they've found them yet!" 

*Zayn's p.o.v*

i feel really bad that i couldn't tell her if her mum and best friend were ok! i so hope that they are! i pulled her inside Paul handed us towel's  we sat there nervously Paul handed us hot chocolates i could see that Lauren's lips were blue! suddenly harry burst in dripping wet but he was on his own! i could see a tear escape Lauren's eye but she wiped it away quickly!

*Lauren's p.o.v*

i was dying inside when harry walked in on his own a warm tear rolled down my cheek i felt empty inside! i was soulless! the door burst open again it was Louis with Lia in his arms i ran across the room and hugged Lia "wheres Niall" i ask "wasn't he meant to be with you guys?" Louis nodded and looked sad "we lost him out there and we don't know where he is!" my heart sank! a few minuets later liam came in with my mum! i ran a wrapped my arms around her! we all sat waiting nervously hours past and still no niall! 

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