love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


7. twitter time!

"you are the greatest fans in the world!" zayn said "and your also amazing on twitter!" harry added "all of your tweets were amazing and we read them all and here are are Favorite tweets for today!" liam said me and Lia looked at each other hopefully we both sent in tweets we spent ages thinking of them! The first tweet called out was a girl called Isabelle she came up on the big screen and she looked so happy and i felt happy for her! Then the next tweet showed up on the screen! I recognised was mine! i looked at Lia shocked that the boys are going to read it out! Niall read it it said 'i have been by your side from the beginning maybe one day you'll be by mine!' The big screen had my face on it and i blushed the boy awed at me and i blushed even more! Niall just stood there staring at the screen harry tapped him on the shoulder an he came back to reality the whole room was staring at him and he blush loads the room cooed and he whispered something into Paul's ear! and looked back into the crowd! the next tweet that cam up just happened to be Lia's she screamed so loud! Louis read it out and laughed as he read it! they thanked every one again for the amazing tweets and started singing again!

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