love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


4. setting off!

"oh finally your ready!" my mum said sarcastically! she took our signs and bags and put them in the car. "have your got your ticket?!" i said to Lia suddenly horror spread across her face it made me laugh because i could see it sticking out of her bag she started running round looking behind all the pillows on the sofa even though she hadn't been in there "oh someone thinks its funny don't they!" Lia said looking slightly annoyed "yeah it is actually! because i would have thought that you would have looked in your bag first!" i said laughing pulling out the ticket! Lia blushed looking quite silly! "in your own time!" my mum said impatiently! "sorry police we'll come quietly!" i said with a grin!


the car journey took forever! we were so bored! we started off playing i spy but that just git boring! then we started  playing truth of dare but there wasn't really any good dares to do! "how much longer?" i asked my mum in a bored tone! "umm..about half and hour maybe longer depends on traffic!" me and Lia just sighed! but suddenly a familiar tune started playing #your so pretty when you cry when you cry i wasn't ready to hear you say good bye# me and Lia looked at each other and sang #now your tearing me apart tearing me apart your tearing me apart!# we both burst out laughing it kept us entertained for the few minuets that it was on! "about 10 minuets now!" my mum said and me and Lia bust into life we were so excited we were lucky enough to get amazing tickets we got them the second the came out and we were right at the front directly in the middle! the boys would definitely see us now!

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