love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


8. Paul!

as the boys were singing rock me i could see someone coming towards me and Lia it was Paul! he started to talk to a camera guy and then turned to me he asked to see my ticket i game it to him and he nodded "do you have anyone picking you up at the end?" he shouted over the noise "yeah my mum!" i shouted back "please stay at th end and i'll come with you to get your mum!" "why?" i asked "one of the boys wants to meet you i'll explain the whole story later! oh and you can bring your friend if you like!" and with that he left! i looked at Lia who recorded the whole thing to show our friends when we got back to school and we both screamed like crazy! 


soon the boys were singing there last song and it was what makes your beautiful the whole arena was jumping and screaming the world it was absolutely amazing! 

Me and Lia stayed put as the arena emptied, most of the fans fan round the back to see if they could meet the boys but they wouldn't have any luck as we could see them in the wings! Paul came out and we walked out side to see my mum waiting for us Paul explained everything to her and she looked astonished! she said it was fine and we walked back inside she took a seat on one of the fold down chairs and quietly waited   she looked like she was on twitter she was probably tweeting everyone about the news!

me and Lia followed Paul backstage and waited outside a room the door opened revealing the boys we both tried to hold in our scream's but we couldn't hold in our smiles!

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