love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


15. morning surprise!

i woke up to see all of the boys sleeping on the uncomfortable chairs why had they waited why didn't they just leave? i was a nobody why did they care about me? I looked over to the bedside cabinet and saw a calender it was the 23rd oh no my mum was leaving today for her work trip! this made me feel sad where would i stay i really don't want to stay with my grandma shes so weird! hey maybe i'll be staying with Lia! that would be great she lives next door to me so if i forget anything i can just pop next door and we can catch up on gossip! but its gonna be so difficult in this massive cast the doctor said i'll have to wear it for a month at the least! arghh its going to be so boring!

*Lauren's p.o.v*

"morning darling!" my mum said to me "morning." i replied "i have a surprise for you and i think your gonna like it!" she said in an excited tone! "oooh! what is it?" i said trying to sound happy because if i sounded sad my mum will start crying and i didn't want that! "as you know in going away today!" she said guiltily and..well i found someone or should i say some people for you to stay with!" she said excitedly again! "WHO?!" i said actually excited this time! "the boys!" "the boys?" "as in 'the boys'!" she said pointing around the room! my jaw dropped the boys! 

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