love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


3. make over!

*Lauren's p.o.v*

"come here." i heard Lia say i walked over to her and she sat me down on a chair in front of a mirror. she span the chair around so i couldn't see myself! she started brushing my hair and then grabbed my babyliss natural wave hair curlers and set to work on my long blonde hair! what was she doing to me! i hardly ever use my curlers and when i did i could never get i right! i hope she doesn't destroy my hair before the concert! "done" i heard Lia say "can i look now?" i asked "nope not yet!" she said with a smile on her face and winked at me she got a flower hair clip out of her pocket and clipped it into the back of my hair! "now can i look?" i said pleadingly "nope now its time for your make up!" no! i hope she wouldn't go to over the top! Lia was planning to be a beauty therapist and has just started a new collage! i was really happy because i was moving to that one to! we lived next door to each other  for years now and the only collage around here is miles away! but there was a new one opening soon and it was just round the corner from our houses! i still didn't really know what i wanted to be but in reality wise i was thinking about being a pediatrician, but in non reality  wise i would like to get my music out there! i loved to sing and play the guitar it was the only thing i was good at! i heard clicking and i was interpreted from my day dream "Lauren..LAUREN! I've finished!" Lia said with a smirk on her face! oh got what has she done to me! i got up and turned around and gasped! i have to admit i was impressed by my appearance! i turned round and gave Lia a massive hug! "this is why you'll make the best beauty therapist in the world!" i shouted at her she just laughed again!

"outfits!" i said to Lia looking slightly worried! she was still fishing around in her pile on the floor. i walked over to my wardrobe an looked inside, suddenly a pair of high waist green mini shorts caught my eye! i put them on and tucked my niall tee shirt into it but left a little but hanging over. I brushed my hair over my right shoulder and went back to the mirror  i hadn't really looked at my make-up before i was to busy staring at my hair! i had nude lip gloss on and some silver shimmer on my eyes. i also had eyeliner in which flicked at the end and some mascara! i turned around to finally see a dressed Lia! she was wearing a blue dress that matched her eyes and cut above the knee it had sequins on the front lining the collar she looked so pretty her brown hair in the same style as mine and the same sort of make-up too! 

finally we were ready! 

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