love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


16. leaving!

after the news had sunk in well not really i was shocked, scared and flipping excited! i was told that i would be able to leave so everyone rounded up my stuff and started taking it to the car. "listed darling!" my mum said "i will drop you off at the boys house and help you take your stuff to your room and then i have to go! im sorry." she said trying to blink back tears. "it's fine mum don't worry!" is said "oh and Paul said you can have Lia to stay when ever you want!" "could she come round tonight to help me settle in better?" "yeah i think that should be ok let me go and speak to Paul!" and with that she left!

while she was gone i tried to get out of bed, it didn't hurt because it was numb but it was extremely difficult! i had to swing my leg round and try and jump of the bed and land on my good foot, for a beginner i did well! i reached for my crutches and hopped out the door into the waiting room where everyone was waiting for me!

i was helped into he car by Paul and my mum and sat in the middle of Niall and Zayn, it was an awkward car journey no one talked we all just stared out the window. we pulled up at a massive house it made my house look like a dolls house! i gasped at the sight and niall laughed a little "big isn't it!" he said "huge!" i replied "i'll give you a tour later if you like?!" he said "yeah that would be great!" i said.

the car door opened and i pulled my self out i fell back and niall grabbed my waist and i blushed i could see harry wink at him i pretended i didn't see and whispered "thanks" i got up and hobbled over to the door ad jumped inside i saw Louis take my bags up stairs and my mum taking my arm and helping me crawl upstairs while harry carried my crutches! when we finally go up stairs my mum helped me up and harry passed me my crutches and i followed Liam to the guest room, it was bigger than my whole house" this my room!" i said shocked "yeah it is, it's all yours!" liam said laughing at my astonished face! "thank you!"i said "any time!" he said and he started to unpack my clothes and put them in a draw! "oh you don't have to do that!" i protested "no, no, no its fine really!" he said "hmm you don't have much do you!" he said pulling out two tee shirts two jackets and one pair of jeans and one pair of shoes "you don't need a lot to be happy!" i said he looked into my eyes and smiled!

*Liam's p.o.v*

"you don't need a lot to be happy!" she said my heart flipped that statement will be with me forever i will quote it in interviews and say it's from her it was a beautiful thing to say and it was s true! "although that statement is true would you like me and the boys to take you shopping? don't get me wrong but one of your two tee shirts have Niall's face on it and one of your two jackets is the take me home world tour official tour jacket!" i said and she blushed and laughed "oh and the tee shirt your wearing has the take me home letter box with us all on on it with all the places we are touring on the back! did you get those from the concert where we met you?" i said "yeah i did!" she said slightly embarrassed i just laughed " make your self at home and shout if you need any thing, ok!" i said "will do!" she replied and she sat on the bed and just stared around the room! I closed the door and couldn't stop thinking thinking about that quote! 'you don't need a lot to be happy!' i don't know why but it made me feel sad and guilty and I have no idea why!

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