love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


2. how much stuff!

as soon as we were in my room Lia dumped her stuff on my floor! "how much stuff" i exclaimed! "just enough" she said i started to laugh as i pulled out onezi's, dress',tee shirts e.t.c  " i didn't know what to wear!" she said "so you brought your whole wardrobe!" i said sarcastically. we both started to laugh! "shut up and help me pick something!" Lia said still laughing!

i bent down to pick up a pair of jeans when i noticed 4 signs! "4!" i said looking shocked "why?!" bearing in mine they practically all had Louis name written on it just in different fonts! "its in case he gets bored of one and i can swap it with another!" at this point i was dying on the floor with laughter! 

"hurry up or you'll be late!" i heard my mum say "its a long car journey get a move on!" me and Lia looked at each other horrified! and started running around trying to get everything together!


*Lia's p.o.v*

oh my lord which tee shirt? but what if i look better in a dress? or maybe that onezi i have? arghh its just so difficult! "what are you wearing!" i said to Lauren looking horrified! she hadn't made an effort at all! she was wearing a niall tee shirt, but that was fine, and some old patterned leggings and a zip up hoodie! she had't bothered putting her hair into any sort if style and she wasn't even wearing lip gloss! that's the thing about me and Lauren we had quite different style choice! she always looked up to date in the cool stylish fashion and always into trendy fashion but she never wore make-up! some days her hair was perfect and other she just left it where ever it falls! while me on the other hand i have to admit i was quite a perfectionist! i was up to date with all fashion just like Lauren bur my hair always had to be right and where ever i go i had to be wearing lip gloss!

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