love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


14. hospital!

*the boys p.o.v*once we got to the hospital we were told to wait in the waiting room Lia and Lauren's mum looked really upset Paul was trying to comfort them while we waited staring at the door!

a few minuets later it opened revealing a very drowsy Niall he sat down on the chair next to Zayn "how was is? what happened to you? did they give you any medication?" the boys started asking Niall couldn't say anything so he just passed them a slip of paper he had to take pills that gave him energy and got his blood pressure back to normal! every one was still waiting nervously on the news on Lauren! 

*a few hours later*

"you can go in and see her now!" a doctor said to us "but be careful she drowsy from the anesthetics!" we all got up and wondered into Lauren's room she had a massive green cast on her leg! "she had some metal bar put into her leg to keep the bone straight!" one of the nurse's announced  "if it goes well tonight she will be released tomorrow afternoon but she will have to take it easy!" everyone nodded.

after the nurse had walked out of the room Lauren opened her eyes and smiled when she saw us all, she scooched further up the bed so she could sit up right. "hello" she said "hellooo!" we all said in unison! she laughed "hows Niall?" she asked "im fine!" niall said 

*Lauren's mum's p.o.v*

im so glad that my daughters fine but i feel really bad shes just gone through this horrible accident and tomorrow evening i have to leave on a work holiday! that's the bad thing about being a journalist you have to travel! I think i'll ask Paul if he's ok looking after her for a month! her and the boys have been getting on really well and Paul said that the boys were on a holiday now so i guess it would be ok! "hey Paul" i said "yeah what is it miss king?" "please call me Kristy! and umm..I have to go away on a work trip tomorrow evening for a month and i was wondering if you could maybe look after Lauren?" i said hopefully "yeah that should be fine because were heading to London for our holiday so it should be fine as long as she doesn't mind being in a house with 5 boys!" he said with a wink "hahaha that should be fine thank you so much i owe you one!"

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