love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


13. help!

they boys exchanged horrified glances and they shot up and run out of the door! 

*Zayn's p.o.v*

has some one died, close enough what did Lia mean about close enough! liam sprinted ahead of us like always and he stopped dead in his tracks! "what is it liam?!" i said but he didn't reply he got his phone out of his pocket and dialed 999! why was he calling 999?!" "he...hello!" liam said "we need an ambulance now instantly!" he shouted down the phone! why did he need an ambulance? i had enough of wondering i went to go and have a look! then i realise it was horrible! how did this happen? 

we heard sirens, we were blinded by the blue lights! paramedics came running out and surrounded Lauren the put a brace on her foot and others went to check Niall's blood pressure before we even knew it they were both placed on stretcher's and pulled into the ambulance! "whats going to happen to them?" Louis said! "they'll both have to have a check up and maybe some injections because they seem pretty exhausted! and we'll have to put a cast on her foot! would you like to follow behind us to the hospital?" "YES!" we all said Paul brought the tour bus over to us and we got in following the ambulance to the hospital!

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