love at first sight!

a girl called Lauren went to a one direction concert with her best friend Lia not knowing what was going to happen next!


17. good bye!

i had been upstairs for about 5 minuets now so i decided to go down stairs i didn't want anyone to make a fuss so i didn't tell any one that i was coming down! i slid down on my bum all they way to the bottom when i realized that i had left my crutches upstairs oh well i just hopped around and used pieces of furniture to help me get around i hopped into the kitchen where everyone was they all looked shocked that i managed to get down stairs "where are your crutches love?" Louis said "oh i left them upstairs like a dick!" i replied "don't worry babe i'll get them!" harry said and he jogged upstairs. "so mum, how long until you leave?" i said "oh gosh i completely forgot!" she looked at her watch "oooh!" she gasped "it's nearly 6 i better get going the plain leaves at half 7!" she said in a rush! she ran around grabbing her bags! "i love you so much honey!" she said choking on tears "i love you too mum!" i cried "be good and i'll call you when i can!" she said walking out the door "i miss you already!" i said "i'll be back before you even know it!" she said "i love you!" i said as she closed the door and i swang over to the window and waved at her as got into the car i could see her waving back s she pulled out of the drive i blew her a kiss i couldn't see it she blew on back because my eyes were full of tears but deep down i knew she did! i turned to face the boys "sooo..." i said "let's do something fun!" Louis said "boys i have to go!" Paul said while looking at his phone! "ok!" the boys said together, and with that Paul left! "truth or dare anyone?" Louis said the boys instantly sat in a circle on the floor Louis grabbed a glass bottle and i sat on the sofa "you aren't joining us!" Niall said "umm.well.i wasn't sure you wanted me to!" i said "of course we want you to your like family now!" Louis said i blushed!

*Niall's p.o.v*

man she's cute when she blushes! why did she think that we didn't want her to join in? she's just so cute, caring and understanding i really want to know her better but well i don't think she likes me!

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