Meeting 1D

This is a story I am writing for my friend who is totally obsessed with one direction.....she owes me big time for this.



"What?" she said, when I told her what I had done. "Okay, 1D's manager is going to sue you!"

"Why?" I said. "It hasn't gone global."

"Yeah, but..," she paused and took a breath, looking at the letter and sighing.

"I know, right?" I said, leaning over her shoulder and admiring my masterpiece.

Dear 1D's manager,

I have entered the competition to give an honest opinion of what I think of 1D. Now, before I begin, this is all consructive critisizm, and I sympathise to all the 1D fans out there. Here is what I would like to say.

I am not a very keen fan of one direction mainly because of the way they have hypnotized many of the poor, innocent girls out there to walk around saying, "Let me kiss you." They have also caused a bullet fever with the men and boys, with so many commiting suicide because their girlfriend can't help dreaming about Harry Styles and not them. I hope you will take these into account.

I must say that 1D is infecting my friend's life in the way that she is eating nothing but carrots purely

for the fact that Louis Tomlinson is most keen on carrots.

Overall I think that 1D are a waste of time and money and I hope that you will take this on board as constructive critisizm. I strongly suggest you dump 1D and hire Olly Murs and Bruno Mars as a duet.

Thank you for listening to my views.

With best wishes for the future,

Rexie Mccassidy



"So, how'd ya like it?" I said, after a long wait.

"Just get this paper out of my hand," she commented. "Oh Rexie, I will never understand you." She laughed and took my arm as we walked into the grounds. After a long and exhausting day I came home relieved that I had stayed in one piece with Taanisha. I buttered a piece of toast and was walking up the stairs when I noticed the post on the door.


To Miss Rexie Eleanor McCassidy

39 Pagent Street



TW20 9FR



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