Heart in my hands

Austin and Kennedy have been friends for a very long time basically since they were in diapers and they have went to everything together.... But when Kennedy's mom dies in a terrible wreak, They are closer than ever... Maybe too close... Will they stay friends or be more???(:


1. School

"Kennedy what did we do in bio.' Austin said opening his locker

"Cut open a frog it was disgusting." Kennedy said shaking her head.

"Well how bout you come by my house i have to show you this song i wrote." Austin said smiling.

"Sure i gotta ask my dad you know how he is." Kennedy said closing her locker.

"Yeah i remember that day... For a skinny guy your dad is strong." Austin said gulping.

"Yeah he thought you were my boyfriend as if." Kennedy said laughing.

"Oh so i am ugly now i see how it is." Austin said looking down.

"Awww come on dude i didn't mean it like that... I meant that..." Kennedy said stammering and blushing.

"Kennedy i was playing." Austin said laughing.

"Phew i thought i really hurt your feelings." Kennedy said. 

"No." Austin said smiling.

Austin and Kennedy stood there akwardly.

"Yeah umm see you in a few." Austin said walking toward the exit.

Kennedy picked up her purse and walked outside to her car and drove home....



Author note

Sorry it's so short:P I will right more tommorow:)

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