Heart in my hands

Austin and Kennedy have been friends for a very long time basically since they were in diapers and they have went to everything together.... But when Kennedy's mom dies in a terrible wreak, They are closer than ever... Maybe too close... Will they stay friends or be more???(:


2. getting home

"Dad im home!!!" Kennedy yelled walking around the house.

"I am in the back sweetheart." Kennedy's dad said.

"Dad i was wondering.... Can i go over Austin's house."Kennedy said playing with her fingers

"Austin.... Why do you want to go over his house." Kennedy's dad said.

"We were gonna play video games and chill." Kennedy said looking at her dad.

"Oh that's what you kids call kissing these days." Kennedy's dad said looking her in the eyes.

"Daaadd!!!!!! we are just friend's." Kennedy said blushing.

"Well you can go but if i hear you guys been doing anything... I will get my shotgun." Kennedy's dad said.

"Okay well erm see you later." Kennedy said walking out the door.

"Gosh that was embarssing." Kennedy said walking across the road to Austin's house. 


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