What Would I Give?

What would I give to feel her squeeze my hand again? To feel her lips press against mine? To hear her sweet laugh? To look into her beautiful eyes? Or even to just say one last goodbye? The answer young 16 year old Niall Horan is simple, anything. Now three years later does he still mean it? Would he be willing to start all over? Or will her give up? Love always comes with a price. People say they would do anything for the ones they love. Do they really mean it though?


1. Welcome to Ireland



Fay's Prospective:


"But why?" I whine.

"We want you to start high school there. Don't worry we will be down there next year." Mom explains.

"You really want me to spend a year with Gran and Gramps, all by myself?" I ask.

"You won't be 'all by yourself' your brothers are going to be there too." She says like that fixes everything.

"Oh yeah, that's different from being alone." I say and roll my eyes.

"Now Fay don't be like that." Dad says crossing his arms across his chest.

"Fine." I sigh.

"Flight 42 to Mullingar, Ireland is now boarding." We hear over the speakers.

"Good bye guys!" Mom says and kisses me on the forehead.

"Take care of them Finn." Dad says placing a hand on my older brother's shoulder.

My older brother nods and says, "They are safe with me!"

"Yeah, I feel so safe!" My little brother, Ronan, says.

"I think Fay's sarcasm is rubbing off on you." Finn says.

"Leave me alone dork." I say and take Ronan's hand leading over to the flight.


When the plane lands Gran and Gramps are waiting for us. "Welcome to Ireland kids!" Gramps says. Ronan and I run to hug them.

On the drive to the house Ronan and I talk to Gran about our summer so far and Finn talks to Gramps about sports. "Oh Fay there is something I should tell you." Gran says with a smile.

"What?" I ask.

"Well, I thought you would like to know about the boy who lives across the street. He is your age and really nice, I think you guys could be friends." she sways with a smile.

"Oh really?" I ask. "Yup! He likes music and arts just like you!" she says.

"Cool!" I say with a smile. We pull into the drive way and we all run to the bed rooms that they had set up just for us. Mine had light pink walls and off-white carpet. It had my dance bag and my ice skating bag already in it, along with a lot of new cloths I love, my Gran knows exactly what I like, along with all my photography stuff. In the corner I see a guitar. "Gran I don't know how to play this!" I say slightly confused.

"Niall said he would teach you." she says.

"Is that his name?" I ask. She nods and walks down the hall to check on my brothers. 'Niall, I like that name.' I think. Maybe moving here wasn't all bad, I might actually mete someone.

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