What Would I Give?

What would I give to feel her squeeze my hand again? To feel her lips press against mine? To hear her sweet laugh? To look into her beautiful eyes? Or even to just say one last goodbye? The answer young 16 year old Niall Horan is simple, anything. Now three years later does he still mean it? Would he be willing to start all over? Or will her give up? Love always comes with a price. People say they would do anything for the ones they love. Do they really mean it though?


2. An Awkward Hello

Fay's Prospective:


It's been a week since we got here. I've stayed inside most of it, mainly Skyping my two friends back in London (Nyah and Andrew). I just got out of the shower and had just finished blow drying my black curly hair when the doorbell rings. My family is out, so I'm alone in the house. I quickly run down the stairs not really caring that I'm only in a towel. 'My brother probably just forgot his key.' I think to myself.

I open the door to see a boy about a few inches taller then me with blonde hair and blue eyes staring at me. I mentally slap myself for not putting on some form of clothes. "Um..... H-Hello." he stutters with a thick Irish accent.

I can't blame him for staring. One, I'm only in a towel. Two, I'm pretty fit if I do say so myself. And three, I have great complextion and don't really need much make-up. "'Ello. I'm Fay and whom might you be?" I ask.

His face turns bright red, it's kinda cute really. "I-I'm Niall. Sorry, your Gran told me to come over and get you out of the house." he says looking down at his feet.

I giggle at his awkwardness and say, "Well, I would love that! GIve me a minute to get ready and we can go. That sound good?"

He nods and I walk up the stairs. I rummage through my closet and sigh. I hate everything I own! I decide on a light blue bluse with little pastel pink flowers one it. A pastel pink skirt that matches the flowers and light bown braided leather belt with sandles that match. I put on mascara and lipgloss and put in pink flower earings with a neckless and a ring that match.

I walk down that stairs and smile at Niall, who is again openly staring at me. I giggle and his face turns red again. "How do I look?" I ask.

"Beautiful." he says looking back up at me.

Now it's my turn to blush. "Okay then, lets go! Show me all that Mullingar has to offer."

"Well that would take more then one day." he says gaining a little confidence.

"Well then, maybe you'll have to finish showing me around tomorrow. If you don't have planes." I say with a smirk.

He lets out a carefree laugh and says, "I've got the rest of the summer free. So, I would love to. That is if you can put up with me for more then one day."

"I was about to say the same thing." I say with smile. I walk over to the door, but he runs over and opens it for me. "I guess we'll just have to see who runs away first."

"Trust me. I'm not running away." he says with a cheeky grin.

I laugh and say, "Well neither am I."

"Well then, I guess we'll just have to put up with each other." he says holding out a hand to me.

I take his hand, intertwining our fingers, and say, "I guess we will."


Hello friends! Hope you guys liked it! Please like, favorite, and comment! Also if you guys could spread the word to everyone that would be great! Thank you all so much! Love you guys! Also thanks to my friend Nyah for help with the clothes! Yup I love that girl! Anyway, tell me what you guys think and if there is anything you think I should do! All comments are appreciated!

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