What Would I Give?

What would I give to feel her squeeze my hand again? To feel her lips press against mine? To hear her sweet laugh? To look into her beautiful eyes? Or even to just say one last goodbye? The answer young 16 year old Niall Horan is simple, anything. Now three years later does he still mean it? Would he be willing to start all over? Or will her give up? Love always comes with a price. People say they would do anything for the ones they love. Do they really mean it though?


9. Alone

Hey guys as you might has noticed I changed the title. I felt this one fit better. Hope you enjoy!





Niall's Prospective:


Even with that "Good Chance" she still hasn't woken up. I come ever month to this hospital. I'm surprised the fans haven't seen me. When I'm on tour I call once a week. I've never gotten over her. People ask me why I don't date, it's because I'm still in love, still in a relationship with a girl in a coma. I tried out of the X-Factor because I know she would have wanted me to. I guess it would give her a reason to wake up, to see me win. Now here I am back at her bed side. We have a month off and I was spending most of it with her.

"Oh Niall your already here." James says. He's become more then just another doctor, he's my friend. I look up and nod. "Niall there's something I think you should know." He continues. I look up at him and he says, "We're going to pull the plug."

My eyes widen as I stutter out, "Wh-what?"

He sighs and puts his hand on my shoulder, saying, "Niall it's been about three years. The actuality that she'll wake up is almost none. The only thing keeping her alive on these wires."

"But... But her brain is still working. She's still alive." I say.

"I know Niall and I'm sorry, but it's not my choice." He says. "It's time to let her go Niall."

Tears are falling down my cheek as I look back at Fay. She looks about the same. She lost the little pug she had before the accident. She's a little taller as well. Her skin is paler, but she still has her beautiful black hair and her same grey eyes, or so I hope. Oh what I would give to see those eyes open just one more time.

"I don't know what I'm going to do without her James. She's my everything I love her more then life it's self! I don't know what I'm going to do without her." I say.

"Well you should figure it out. I don't like this, but it's not my call. I'm just the one who had to tell you. I'm sorry." he says patting my shoulder. "We're going to do it tomorrow. If you don't wanna be there no one would blame you." he add as he walks towards the door.

"I won't let go of her hand until her heart stops. I promised her forever and I intend to keep that promise." I say and kiss her cheek.

"I wish I could have seen you guys together before all this.You must have been the cutest couple." He says leaning against the door frame.

"We were." I say never taking my eyes off her.

"I really wish there was something I could do. Horrible things always happen to the people that least deserve it." he says. "I need to go Niall. Finn will probably come by soon. See you. And hey, if you ever wanna go out for a drink just tell me." he adds before leaving the room.

"Wake up my little raven. Don't let them take you away from me." I whisper to her. "Oh come on. Fay please." I whisper and start to cry. "Don't let them take you away from me."

"Niall," I hear Finn say from behind me. "I'm guessing James told you." I can hear the pain in his voice.

"Yeah." I say quietly.

"Niall I... I'm sorry. We just... It's to much with Gramps so sick... He's going to die, we all know it. Stupid cigarets." He says trying to explain. "Niall I hate that Dad is doing this, but you have to move on. I know it's hard, but do you really think she would want you to be like this. I have Kate and a baby on the way, we have to move on with our lives." he says putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Have you decided on names yet?" I ask.

"Yeah, for a boy Lucius Rider Matthews and for a girl Lily Fay Matthews." he says.

"Fay would hate it if you named your daughter after her." I point out.

"I know, but annoying her is my job and I'm not going to stop now." He says and I can hear the smile in his voice. "Anyway, you've done your fair share of stuff that would piss her off." he retorts.

"Like what?" I ask.

"Making songs for her." he says matter-of-factually.

I give a small smirk and say, "I know."

"Stay with her as long as you like. We've all already said goodbye. Come over whenever you want. Your part of our family... See you later Niall." He says and walks out the door.

And now I'm alone with her again. Though I feel more alone then if I was just alone in the room



Hey guys! Did you all cry while reading this? I cried while writing it. Okay I'm gonna go cry some more. Please like, favorite, and comment!

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