What Would I Give?

What would I give to feel her squeeze my hand again? To feel her lips press against mine? To hear her sweet laugh? To look into her beautiful eyes? Or even to just say one last goodbye? The answer young 16 year old Niall Horan is simple, anything. Now three years later does he still mean it? Would he be willing to start all over? Or will her give up? Love always comes with a price. People say they would do anything for the ones they love. Do they really mean it though?


23. A Not So Good Morning

Niall's Prospective:


"Time to get up sleepy heads!" Louis yells jumping on my bed.

"Ow." Fay mutters from beside me.

"Get off you ass!" I yell trying to push him.

"Help me someone!" Louis yells to the rest of the boys.

"Okay Lou!" Harry yells and jumps on the bed as well.

"Ow." Fay whimpers again.

"God get off!" I say pushing at them.

"NEVER!" They yell.

"Niall they're hurting me." She whispers to me.


At this they get off. Thank god. fucking assholes hurting Fay. I think.

"I'm so sorry Fay!" Louis says.

"We never meant to hurt you." Harry says apologetically.

I open my eyes finally to see Fay curled up in a ball by my side. "You okay baby?" I ask her.

She opens her eyes into mine. "I'm fine now." she whispers. She's so quiet in the morning.

"Go take a shower babe." I say kissing her nose.

"Okay." She whispers before getting out of bed.

After I hear the shower start I get out of bed and stare at the boys in front of me. "We still have a week off. Why are you here?" I ask.

"We thought you guys might wanna hang out today." Liam says. "There is a carnival nearby and we thought you two might wanna come with us."

"Perrie and El are coming." Zayn adds. "Thought Fay might wanna mete the other girlfriends."

"Fay doesn't really like girls." I say.

Fay then walks back into the bedroom in only a towel. Her face turns red and she gives me a glare. "Really Niall? Again?" she asks.

"Sorry love. I'll talk to them in the living room." I say leading them out.

"Again?" Harry questions.

"When we first mete she was only in a towel, when I reintroduced her to our old friends she was in only a towel, it happens more then you would think." I say.

"So back to the matter at hand, you guys wanna come?" Louis asks.

"I don't know... There will be cameras there and fans. It might be a little much for her." I say a little worried.

"Don't worry. You helped us with our relationships. We can help you." Zayn says.

"Please Niall?" Liam begs.

Those fucking puppy eyes. I can't say no to him when he gives me those eyes. That's when I remember, Danie just dumped him again. They were going to go to this together. I'm such and idiot. "Oh, of course Liam." I say.

"Oh, of course Liam what?" Fay asks from behind me. "Don't sign me up for anything Niall."

I turn and smile at her. She's waring white denim shorts and pale pink tank top with white lace overlay. She had her beautiful black hair in a french braid. Her make up, which she really didn't need, was done to perfection. "You look beautiful love." I say.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now what did you do?" She says her hands on her hips.

"I wanted to ask if you would go to the carnival with us and Zayn and Louis's girlfriends." Liam says.

"Girls? Niall did you sigh me up to hang out with girls?!" She demands.

If looks could kill. I think. "I may have..." I mumble.

"Niall James Horan! What the hell was going through your head?! I. DO. NOT. LIKE. BEING. AROUND. GIRLS!" She says.

"It's not my fault! Liam gave me puppy eyes! You know I can't say no to puppy eyes!" I say basically begging her to see I'm sorry.

She started laughing. "You. Never. Could." she says in between laughing.

"Yeah yeah yeah. We all know I'm a sucker. It doesn't help that my girlfriend is laughing at me." I say pouting.

"Oh baby Ni-Ni. I'm so so sorry." she says sarcastically. "Go get showered and dress and we will go."

"We're going?" I ask completely confused.

"Yup. Because the fact of the matter is, I think Liam is adorable and he has been trying to give me puppy eyes for most of the time I've been out here and it's kinda pathetic. I'm the queen of puppy eyes, they don't effect me." She says.




I know it's been a while. Sorry about that! I have no excuse, I just didn't really have time.

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~ Rebecca

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